Planetensuche screenshots  

astronomy program Planetensuche version 5

main program:

The main program show current events and calculate some dates (e.g. Julian date)

The update function make it easier to update the program with some clicks.

life modul:

With this modul you can inform yourself about the requirements for simple lifeforms.

formula collection modul:

With the formula from different categories, you can easy calculate complex things.

simulation module:

The modul simulations offers many different charts, planet orbit calculations and a star map. Charts are for different categories available.

For stars there are e.g. the HRD (Hertzsprung-Russell-Diagram).

or for example for the category planets there are statistics about the exoplanets.

Additional there are different statistics for the astronomy objects in the database.

There are orbit calculations for our sun system (asteroids, moons)...

... and also for exoplanet systems (green area = life zone; earth orbit for comparison).

A simple star map with scroll and zoom function are available. This star map can also to view the positions of all stars with exoplanets.

database modul:

The database shows not only data about objects, also notes and picutes (if available).

The search function are offers the option to search with the object name into the local database (see picture) or into the internet.

Alternatively you can search with the coordinates, if the object name is unknown.

With the import and export function you can choose different file formats...

More little but useful tools are help you to orient oneself...

... or to inform yourself about current record holder.

The database contains mainly interessting/brigthness or extreme objects.

calculator modul

For fast convert of distances, this tool is helpful.

And if you have boredom there are a little quiz.


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