Planetensuche / hunting for exoplanets  

Astronomy program Planetensuche

Planetensuche is a free program collection of astronomy software (database, formula collection, simulation, bioastronomy - the genesis of life, quiz and a distance calculator). Mainly Planetensuche engage about exoplanets - therefore the name (Planetensuche = planet search).

features (selection):
- information about the criteria that must conform, if that can life exists
- formula collection
- database with exoplanets and other interessting objects, included pictures and notes and many other useful tools
- easy import and export of data over different file formats (e.g. XML)
- many charts, statistics, a star map and simulation of planet systems
- an quiz

minimum system requirement:
processor: dual core
main memory: 2.5 GB
disc space: 850 MB free (+ additional space for own entries in the database)
graphic: minimum 1024x768
OS: Windows, Linux/Unix, Mac OS X
other: Java 17, you can download Planetensuche including JRE or you install Java (JRE + FX) from here

=> handbook (introduction, questions and answers, changelog, ...)

=> screenshots

=> download

=> bug tracker (request bugs or features, roadmap)

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