How can I find interesting objects for a night observation?

Planetensuche is not a observation manager, because of this no functions given for finding objects for a given resolution, for a given observation time or similar (exempt the formula module). In face of this limitations, also some interesting candidates can indirection find. A advantage is, that Planetensuche have pictures for some objects, with you can imaging what you like to observe.
One way is to configure the filter in database module, for example to view only objects with pictures and which are brighter than a given mag. Then you can look at the result list an select interesting objects from them (for example is the coordinate visible from observation location). If you like to search for objects on a given coordinate, in database module under menu database a dialogue “query by coordinates” exists. Or you use other criteria for selecting interesting objects. Under menu “Specials” you can show a list of objects with records and lists with the common names of stars, star clusters, nebulas and galaxies.
Alternatively you can look at the star map in simulation module (under menu specials) and click on objects for more details. Also you can find objects with shortcut “f” and make stars which have exoplanets visible. But the star map have no support for observation place and can not show objects from our sun system (for example planets, moons, asteroids, comets).