What is Planetensuche (planet search)?

Planetensuche is not a planetarium program, or a program to control your telescope. With Planetensuche you can inform yourself about the genesis of (extraterrestrial) life, Planetensuche have also a database with selected objects, a formula collection and many more. The ambition is all in astronomy interested people to inform about interesting objects and the different fields of research, where professional astronomer works. This program mediated not only theoretical things, also some practical tools are exists, for example a formula collection and information's and pictures for observe astronomical objects.

But I wouldn't programming a planetarium software. Today some good planetarium programs exists and also freeware (for example Cartes du Ciel). The database have only some selected objects, also in future. This selected objects are beautiful or interesting or can easy observe with a telescope. I try to find as mutch as possible information's about this objects, because of this there are interesting for hobby and professional astronomer.