What can I learned about our sun system?

In simulation module exists the menu “world view” - “our sun system”. With this you can show the orbit of moons around a planet or the orbit of asteroids around the sun. If you like to show orbit of our 8 planets, you must use the menu “specials” - “planet systems” and select the sun. It's also interesting to comparing the sun with other stars. For this in menu “statistics” exists some diagrams, for example “sun-like stars” and for comparing of planets the diagrams “jupiter-like planets” and “earth-like planets”. An directly comparing of mass and diameter of planets, moons, asteroids and so on can you find under menu “diagrams” - “multiple categories”.
Exactly data about the objects can you find in database module. It's a good idea to look at the records overview under menu “specials”, were also asteroids, comets and moons are listed.