I'm interested on exobiology. What can I do?

Planetensuche have a own module „Genesis of life“, that give answer of the condition for genesis of life forms. Even if many things not completely explored and clear, this module give a good overview about this complex topic. With examples of data from some moon's and planet's, you can try with this criteria. Also explanations of all criteria exists. This conditions for genesis of life are speculative, because science can now only to study life on one planet – the earth. As long as the earth is the nary planet with life that we known, also only this lifeforms and their conditions on her biotope can explore. Also the module analyse only criteria for simple lifeforms. Because of this earth-based conditions a declare of a evolution for intelligence lifeforms are not possible. For this topic it's a good thing to look at the formula module, at category “other formulas” - “Green-Bank-Equation” (Drake formula).

For more think about this topic it's a good idea to observed the discoveries of exo-planets (see previous chapter). Interesting candidates are also analysed from science of possible lifeforms. The simulation module have under menu “Specials” a entry “planet systems” which opens a planetary system with “habitable zone”. This habitable zone can also calculated for all known exo-planets. This diagram can you found in statistics menu under “star systems”.