1.) Error into the database
In the case that an import of objects unmeant to override existing objects or some other errors was into the database (for example wrong links to other objects), you can created a new database. Click in the menu on database and then on repair. But before to do this, please export all self-created objects, because the database will be complete cleared!

2.) Error while importing an XML file (invalid XML file)
Any XML files were checked with the XML schema, if the structure are valid. In the case of an new XML schema, maybe older XML files can't be imported. For using the actually XML schema you can created this automatically, before you export objects to an XML file. To do this run the windows-schema.bat into the Planetensuche folder. Before every update a new XML schema will be created automatic.

3.) You installed a Planetensuche update but every before it's done, they aborted?
The update aborted, because it can't be replaced some files, maybe they hold into main memory. Please closed Planetensuche completely and try again the update. In the case the same result is given, please restart your computer and update again, without starting Planetensuche (use windows-update.bat).

4.) You execute under Linux the, but no happens?
Please execute the command from the sh file manually into the console (terminal). But for doing this, you must execute in the same directory as the planetensuche.jar and also an actually JRE must be installed. Please check also your environment variables (Linux must know the command java). Under Ubuntu also you must labeling the .sh file as an executable program. Please click in file settings on the register access controls and then make a check on the respective place. Alternatively you can execute the command "chmod +x" into the console.

5.) A module wouldn't open, because it's suppostly already run.
If a module don't correctly closed (crash), the result of this is, that sometimes the module detected as running. Please restart your computer, to make sure, that all Planetensuche modules are closed. If the module after the restart are already detected as running, please run the update function with windows-update.bat (or under Linux file and install the update(s) (confirm the security question with yes – updating Planetensuche although the module is running). After this security question, the update module unlocks all locked modules.

6.) Version error message at first start of Planetensuche
Exception in thread "main" java.lang.UnsupportedClassVersionError: Bad version number in .class file If this error message ocours, then you using a older JRE as Planetensuche needs. Please use a proper Java version or download Planetensuche incl. Java.

7.) a error message „unable to access jar file“ occurs after execute a .sh file
This error occurs after the execute of under Ubuntu. Please check if the shell script have the correct line ends \n. Alternatively you can execute the command from the shell script manually.

8.) While the update process a error message shown. Also the readme.pdf file is after the update not updated.
After downloading and unzip of new files, the old files were replaced. Some PDF-Reader can look the readme.pdf also if the document is already closed. Because of this the following error message is show: readme.pdf (The process cannot access the file because it is being used by another process) I recommend to use the PDF-Reader Foxit Reader, because with this program no such problems are known.

However you have other problems, or problems which was not to discuss here, please send me an E-Mail to "" with an error description and your hardware configuration. Please also send me the log files where saved into the „logs“ folder. In this files were saved all actions and error messages.