Declaration of consent of the user

Type of license: Freeware


You agree with using this program, that isn't allowed to sale (or other trades) this program and all included pictures and notes. The program is only for private use. If you need this program at work/school please ask me before using. If you used the source code (Java Byte Code), the pictures, diagrams and notes (also the complete program) in your own publication (for example paper or homepage) you must always to reference where you have from and you must ask the authors before you can using there pictures! The copyright of the pictures, were linked with the astronomical objects, are located by the photographers.
It's not allowed to modify Planetensuche (Java Byte Code), unless changes of configuration files, also the pictures and notes. For privacy use you can edit the notes. The data (for example mass, distance) of the objects don't underlie restrictions, because this data are free.
The author do NOT liable for defects or possible damage, which can be occur while using this program or already exists.


You can add new objects and edit existing objects with the program. If you create your own notes and pictures to the objects then you can export and publishing under your name. Important of this is, that the pictures have the name(s) of the author(s), for example on the left down side.


The program to logs some user activities into the log files under \logs\. Also environment variables, the versions of program/module, success and error messages. In the case of an error this files are read by the bug report tool and shown into the window. The user can send in first case the data or in the second case the user don't send the error to the author. Other information's as the information's into the window don't send. Also I can't and wouldn't to identify the sender of the E-Mail (unless the user inputs his E-Mail address into the field).

You agree this license with using my software. If not you must to remove Planetensuche from your computer!