change log

Version 6.26 (published on 9th May 2024)
for Java 17

    General bug fixes and improvements
  • No. 990: dependency updates

  • Database module
  • No. 980: visual improvements of the list of stars in 34 ly
  • No. 982: automatic relation of stars to double stars improved
  • No. 984: AAVSO database added to the double star test
  • No. 937: implement a function to generate a PHT EB catalog
  • No. 720: history of exoplanet hunt extended
  • No. 964: history of exoplanet hunt updated
  • No. 968: bug fix: calculator HabitateZoneKopparapu2013 did not check if it's a main sequence star

Version 6.25 (published on 26th November 2023)
for Java 17

    General bug fixes and improvements
  • No. 962: bug fix: Java path was not detected properly for some Windows 11 installations

  • Database module
  • No. 979: add a list of exoplanets with high ESI (Earth Similarity Index) (menu entry "Specials")
  • No. 972: speed up of search and load of objects
  • No. 961, 760: during CTOI/TOI import automatically delete exoplanet candidates that was marked as false-positive
  • No. 955: during CTOI/TOI import download also the Gaia data
  • No. 934: during CTOI/TOI import stars of false-positive candidates are also imported
  • No. 978: stars without distance updated
  • No. 965: bug fix: updated stars with wrong distance within 35 ly

  • Simulation module
  • No. 963: new chart: types of exoplanet systems
  • No. 969: new chart: types of stars within 34 ly
  • No. 975: new chart: double/multiple stars and sptype within 34 ly
  • No. 956: add median value to the new Gaia charts
  • No. 973: print out at startup the median of exoplanet period and radius (debug level)
  • No. 974: bug fix: chart types of planets show too much Jovian planets et al.
  • No. 977: bug fix: chart Super-Earths diameter and mass show a too big ledgend
  • No. 966: bug fix: chart number of stars per exoplanet systems show wrong values

Version 6.24 (published on 24th Sept. 2023)
for Java 17

    General bug fixes and improvements
  • No. 872: Installer renamed to inital setup and update of the handbook
  • No. 960: Planetensuche needs now 2.0 GB RAM

  • Database module
  • No. 919: implement to save and show the Gaia stellar parameters
  • No. 922: imported the current TIC v8.2 catalog for all HIP stars
  • No. 951: import missing HIP stars from Simbad (some dozen)
  • No. 952: using Simbad to reclassify over 2300 stars in the database as eclipsing binaries
  • No. 945: double star test: improve the Gaia RV error field after it turn out that this indicator is not reliable/clearly
  • No. 923: double star test: include the TESS OBA EB catalog
  • No. 928: double star test: for some cases the "no data" changed into "no entry"
  • No. 925: Gaia stellar parameter tool: allow the DR3 Id as an alternative input
  • No. 926: Tool for stellar radius estimation improved
  • No. 761: estimated planet type is now visible in database module
  • No. 941: during the NASA exoplanet import, whether the star is a double/multiple star system is now taken into account
  • No. 943: also download the Gaia stellar data during the NASA exoplanet import and evaluate the Gaia non-single-star field
  • No. 935: NASA exoplanet import changed to composite table
  • No. 936: add new discoverer of exoplanets
  • No. 924: add JWST as space telescope and add first exoplanet discovered by JWST to the exoplanet history hunt
  • No. 930: fix data mistakes at the CTOI/TOI import and helpdesk tickets about data mistakes on ExoFOP created
  • No. 931: fix data mistakes at the NASA exoplanet import and helpdesk tickets about data mistakes on created
  • No. 927: bug fix: exoplanet project DMPP was not detected during the import
  • No. 929: bug fix: error message was visible if data about the star HIP 94349 should be shown
  • Nr. 958: bug fix: objects was multiple times exported into XML
  • Nr. 959: bug fix: parent objects was not recursive exported into XML

  • Simulation module
  • No. 939: new chart about Gaia RUWE and astrometric excess noise significance of stars with confirmed exoplanets added
  • No. 920: new chart about Gaia RV error and planet mass of stars with confirmed exoplanets added
  • No. 940: new chart about Gaia RV error and apparent magnitude of stars with confirmed exoplanets added
  • No. 949: new chart about Gaia astrometric excess noise significance and apparent magnitude of eclipsing binaries added
  • No. 948: new chart about Gaia RV error and apparent magnitude of eclipsing binaries added
  • No. 950: new chart about Gaia RUWE and astrometric excess noise significance of eclipsing binaries added
  • No. 954: new chart about radius and temperature of eclipsing binaries added

  • Star map module
  • No. 55: the object legend is now a popup and can hide/show
  • No. 592: bug fix: star map did not follow the coordinate format

Version 6.23 (published on 18th July 2023)
for Java 17

    General bug fixes and improvements
  • No. 754: Update to Java 17 (Desktop client)
  • No. 921: Update to Java 17 (Server component)
  • No. 918: System requirements increased/documented to Java 17

  • Database module
  • No. 858: new tool to query the Gaia DR3 stellar parameters
  • No. 917: gsun removed from the PHT User list
  • No. 850: add a chart to the exoplanet candidates list on my homepage

Version 6.22 (published on 22nd June 2023)
for Java 11

    General bug fixes and improvements
  • No. 870: Planetensuche incl. Java can now automatically update itself to a higher Java major version if a Planetensuche update should require it. This serves as preparation for a new version with Java 17.
  • No. 904: there is no longer a basic version available

  • Database module
  • No. 915: double star test: In rare cases no data is found for a Gaia DR2 Id, which is now fixed. Gaia DR3 is used.
  • No. 914: the orbital period is also displayed in years if the value for the unit days is too large, e.g. for the orbital period of Pluto
  • No. 912: update of the flickr4java lib; the user agent header is now set as requested by Flickr

Version 6.21 (published on 26th March 2023)
for Java 11

    General bug fixes and improvements
  • No. 905: bug fix - TaskBars can be detached
  • No. 898: logging improved to find the root cause of the "Unsupported JPEG process: SOF type 0xc3" error, that occur for one of the users

  • Database module
  • No. 889: for category planets - view if the planet is inside of the habitable zone
  • No. 891: for category planets - view the ESI (Earth Similarity Index) and the escape velocity (second cosmic velocity)
  • No. 906: double star test - documentation updated
  • No. 899: double star test - Gaia RV error added
  • No. 910: exoplanet import - automatic adjustment of wrong planet and star designations improved
  • No. 903: exoplanet import - list of trustworthy CTOI user extended
  • No. 909: add User-Agent to Flickr requests
  • No. 885: determine the type of an exoplanet - "gas giant" replaced by Sub-Jovian and Jovian
  • No. 900: bug fix double star test - "Spectroscopic Binary" was estimated to a red traffic light instead of an green one
  • No. 888: bug fix exoplanet import - some KOI planet designations were read incorrectly and then rejected as invalid
  • No. 908: bug fix PHT result table - refresh did not increase the table header height anymore
  • No. 901: bug fix PHT result table - the links in the columns are now opens the correct websites

  • Simulation module
  • No. 884: my own discoveries marked in the chart "planet radius and TESS"

Version 6.20 (published on 17th Jan. 2023)
for Java 11

    General bug fixes and improvements
  • No. 869: Built a new dialog for any user to report bugs or improvements without having to register on MantisBT first. The dialog can be found in the main window under the "Help" menu item. It replaces opening MantisBT in the browser.
  • No. 656: JRE update mechanism built in. Not only Planetensuche but also the Java version is now automatically updated (for all Planetensuche including Java installations).
  • No. 875: add recent Java 11 to the Planetensuche incl. Java bundle
  • No. 861 + 859: updating some Java libs
  • No. 894: Planetensuche and handbook switched to https links where possible
  • No. 866: fixed different older Sonar issues
  • No. 835: bug fix: sometimes the Java version was not detected correctly
  • No. 877: reduce the complexity of some Java classes

  • Database module
  • No. 887: Improved exoplanet import so that linking between NASA exoplanetarchive and TOI list works better. This eliminates a couple of duplicate exoplanets that could be linked via their period if the planet designation doesn't work.
  • No. 863: CTOI import: more discoverers are now accepted and their exoplanet candidates are imported, that increasing the number of candidates
  • No. 867: Improved PHT scanner to find previously unrecognized candidates. The scan must therefore be repeated for the CTOI and TOI list.
  • No. 847: PHT scan results table with refresh option via menu
  • No. 873: PHT scan - if there is no internet connection, this will be pointed out instead of displaying a bug report
  • No. 882: PHT scan results table - add a new column if the Planet is confirmed or not, because the ExoFOP state is not always correct
  • No. 846: various small improvements in the import dialog
  • No. 662: fixed data error for 6 HIP stars + all stars are re-exported to ensure that the database of each Planetensuche installation is complete
  • No. 896: to speed up the XML import for large documents
  • No. 876: double star test - if there is no internet connection, this will be pointed out instead of displaying a bug report
  • No. 857: search improved of the double star test
  • No. 852: bug fix: double star test did not throw an error if no Gaia Id exists
  • No. 848: bug fix: PHT scan results can be now removed from the result list
  • No. 864: bug fix: PHT scan did not finished completly
  • No. 860: bug fix: a note for a Planetensuche object can now deleted
  • No. 868: bug fix: TIC 142276270.06 is no longer recognized as an invalid name
  • No. 874: bug fix: show better error message if no file was selected before NASA exoplanet import
  • No. 845: bug fix: constellation shown for Brown Dwarfs instead of "unknown"
  • No. 878: bug fix: exported XML file can now imported again
  • No. 880: bug fix: did not delete unused discoverer projects and space telescopes after XML import, only discoverer persons
  • No. 834: bug fix: data errors during NASA exoplanet import solved + ExoFOP helpdesk ticket ESD-1610, ESD-1613 and ESD-1614 created because of inconsistency between CTOI and TOI lists. Additionally all exoplanets exported to ensure that the database of each Planetensuche installation is complete and correct.
  • No. 893: bug fix: XML import save now the discoverer correctly
  • No. 865: security fix: XXE disabled for XML import

  • Simulation module
  • No. 854: In the diagrams, the difference between candidate exoplanets and confirmed planets has been made clearer.

Version 6.19 (published on 23rd Oct. 2022)
for Java 11

    Database module
  • No. 838: double star test: bug fix Gaia non-single show always "no"
  • No. 844: double star test: TESS online EB database replaced by Vizier TESS EB catalog; period is now visible
  • No. 843: double star test: show full name of Simbad object type
  • No. 841: double star test: KELT transit false positive catalog included
  • No. 842: double star test: CoRoT binaries catalog included
  • No. 837: double star test: GALAH SB2 survey catalog included and queries parallelized
  • No. 840: double star test: workaround - if the Sename search found nothing for the given TIC id then try it again with Gaia Id
  • No. 836: double star test: SuperWASP transit false positive catalog included
  • No. 839: double star test: add a button to copy the result

Version 6.18 (published on 2nd Oct. 2022)
for Java 11

    General bug fixes and improvements
    Rework of the German and English presentation:
    In this version, all numbers and dates have been internationalized. In the program as well as in the manual and on my homepage. The date format "UK" is used for the English language (previously partly US or ISO-8601). In addition, the display of the date has been adjusted everywhere (medium-long spelling for German and English). Also the decimal numbers are displayed rounded to a maximum of 3 places after the decimal point.
  • No. 218: numbers and date formatted according the selected language
  • No. 833: date format changed to english UK
  • No. 821: bug fix - sun/moon eclipse date was not translated to english

  • additional general improvements/bug fixes:
  • No. 832: new moon eclipses added
  • No. 649: Java versions from 11 can correctly detected and did not produce a cryptic error during the installation (tested with Java version 15 and 19)
  • No. 829: bug fix - during the initial configuration the main window is visible in background
  • No. 828: bug fix - before installation an error message was written to the log file that no configuration file was found

  • Database module
  • No. 822: double star test - show a link to the star in Planetensuche
  • No. 825: during the exoplanet import all corrections of the spectral type was written only to the log file
  • No. 823: bug fix during the exoplanet candidate import the "run" button is not disabled

  • Simulation module
  • No. 826: renamed green zone to habitable zone (in the program and handbook)

Version 6.17 (published on 25th Sept. 2022)
for Java 11

    General bug fixes and improvements
  • No. 809: Java libraries and plugins updated
  • No. 805: Links in info dialog updated
  • No. 801: Security: TLS v1.3 is now used
  • No. 799: add new theme/Look&Feel "FlatLaf" (can be used, but it could be cause some minor flaws in some windows); Nimbus stay the default theme
  • No. 774: Planetensuche installations recording in central database
  • No. 776: bug fix tab professional settings was not shown with the same theme/Look&Feel then the other windows
  • No. 673 + 775: different minor coding bugs fixed, regarding SonarQube issues

  • Database module
  • No. 806: new tool "Double star test" added
  • No. 815: query Vizier TIC directly for new tool "Double star test"
  • No. 802: add more useful columns to PHT scan result list, e.g. TOI name, comment from (C)TOI list, planet type, link to Plantensuche
  • No. 791: add a new column for own comments to PHT scan result list and allow to edit the entries
  • No. 789: PHT scan: show some statistics at the end of the scan
  • No. 763: improved the tool "determine star radii and mass" (show absolute brightness, numbers internationalised, additional filter by absolute brightness, improved the filter for star temperature)
  • No. 797: extract additional planet names from comment column during the import of the TOI list
  • No. 794: exoplanet hunt on extendes for first water world
  • No. 793: my PHT candidate list for numbers and date and time internationalized
  • No. 792: my PHT candidate list for spectral type prediction is now rounded to 0.5
  • No. 818: bug fix "detect luminosity class" dialog was incompleted visible
  • No. 804: bug fix star DECL was wrong imported from TOI list
  • No. 795: bug fixes regarding the TOI import (sometimes a wrong discoverer or discovery method is set for "known-planets" entries)
  • No. 790: add more tests for PHT scan tool feature

  • Star map module
  • No. 808: bug fix coordinate format was not internationalised in the object info dialog
  • No. 543: bug fix object info dialog show coordinate unit twice

Version 6.16 (published on 31st Jul. 2022)
for Java 11

    Database module
  • No. 782: PHT candidates finder did not use anymore hard coded sector information
  • No. 785: PHT candidates finder remember the inputted PHT user name
  • No. 786: bug fix PHT candidates finder: progress bar was not set to 100% after scan completed

Version 6.15 (published on 17th Jul. 2022)
for Java 11

    General bug fixes and improvements
  • No. 685: URLs changed from to

  • Database module
  • No. 767: new function to find the own PHT planet candidates
  • No. 498: Gaia added as space telescope
  • No. 765: bug fix - planet period could be lost after C/TOI import
  • No. 758: bug fix - confirmed planets was set to unconfirmed after C/TOI import
  • No. 768: bug fix - C/TOI import create confirmed exoplanets twice

Version 6.14 (published on 23rd Mar. 2022)
for Java 11

    With this Planetensuche version it will be possible for the first time to import exoplanet candidates from professional astronomers and to use them in diagrams etc.

    General bug fixes and improvements
  • No. 749: Show note during installation if a higher version than Java 11 is used
  • No. 732: Don't show a bug report when user voting got a timeout

  • Database module
  • No. 740: Added update function to import all TESS planet candidates from professional astronomers. An initial data record comes automatically with this version.
  • No. 731: Allows my own (Gerd Gühne) discovered planet candidates to be imported and exported via html for my website
  • No. 746: Progress bar for the download of NASA data for the exoplanet import and other improvements
  • No. 756: Fixed NASA exoplanet import error and improved logging
  • No. 757: Info dialog expanded to include a more detailed breakdown of the planets
  • No. 753: Added a new column and filter for discoverer in the "Exoplanets per Year" dialog
  • No. 725: New feature for estimating stellar radius and mass
  • No. 744: Improved spectral type prediction for stars without spectral type
  • No. 735: new function to determine the planet type for an exoplanet
  • No. 704: bug fix - valid planet identifier that were recognized as invalid are imported again
  • No. 727: Corrected 2 mixed stars during data import
  • No. 743: My first candidate has been added to the exoplanet hunt history (homepage)
  • No. 747: Project ExoMiner and discoverer Valizadegan added
  • No. 728: Added discoverer of TOI-2180 b
  • No. 724: Added Visual Survey Group as a discovery project/team
  • No. 719: Added CAS (Center for Astrophysical Sciences) as a discovery project/team
  • No. 722: Added DLR (Deutsches Zentrum für Luft- und Ruamfahrt) as a discovery project/team
  • No. 722: Added discoverers with at least 7 exoplanets
  • No. 714: Added discoverer of KIC 6444896 b

  • Simulation module
  • No. 755: new chart of planetary radius and planetary temperature of PHT candidates
  • No. 739: new chart of planetary radius and orbital period of PHT candidates
  • No. 745: new chart of planetary radius and orbital period by discovery method
  • No. 738: new chart of planetary radius and stellar temperature of PHT candidates
  • No. 737: new chart of planetary radius and stellar temperature from TESS
  • No. 736: new chart planetary radius and star temperature according to space telescopes
  • No. 733: chart of planet types revised (e.g. mini Neptunes added)

  • Star map module
  • No. 730: Object search can now also deal with lists

Version 6.13 (published on 31st Oct. 2021) for Java 11

    General bug fixes and improvements
  • No. 693: JDK replaced by JRE

  • Database module
  • No. 700: new catalog and exoplanet project COCONUTS added
  • No. 696: add all Planet Hunters exoplanet projects from zoouniverse
  • No. 703: link the associated exoplanet projects with the help of the discoverers
  • No. 698: add new discoverer method "orbital brightness modulation"
  • No. 709: add the space telescope CHEOPS and link the new exoplanet
  • No. 701: reworked the existing exoplanet projects Kepler and TESS
  • No. 711: implement a function that generate a webseite about the history of the exoplanet hunt, see here
  • No. 705 and No. 710: many more exoplanet projects and catalogs added
  • No. 717: missing discoverer/projects/telescopes from older incomplete DB migrations added

  • Simulation module
  • No. 695: bug fix Charles Messier was shown in a chart with exoplanet discoverers
  • No. 688: improved the chart "Number of planets and sptyp"
  • No. 706: new chart "Discovery method statistic" added
  • No. 453: chart "Sptyp and exoplanets" improved
  • No. 708: new chart "telescope statistic"
  • No. 696/700/701/703/705/709/710: have a high impact on all charts with exoplanet discoverers or projects

  • Star map module
  • No. 582: a configuration dialog added that allow to choose every single exoplanet project
  • No. 702: additionally to the exoplanet projects now also all space telescopes are selectable

Version 6.12 (published on 16th May 2021)
for Java 11

    Database module
  • No. 689: all new exoplanets added
    Simulation module
  • No. 686: fixed some misspellings in the english translation
  • No. 687: new chart "rocky planets in the habitable zone" added
    Star map module
  • No. 690: speed up significant the startup and zoom
  • No. 683: hourglass shown while data was loaded

Version 6.11 (published on 5th May 2021)
for Java 11

    General bug fixes and improvements
  • No. 679 & No. 680: some libs updated and some removed; switch from log4j to java.util.logging
  • No. 665: performance improvement: use recent hsqldb version
    Database module
  • No. 667: performance improvement: persist habitable zone around stars, instead of calculating it on demand
  • No. 670: TSV import: add support for Simbad object types (simply only for stars and brown dwarfs)
  • No. 672: supports SQL export over command line
  • No. 668: all stars and brown dwarfs within 10 pc added and existing ones updated
  • No. 669: bug fix: constellations don't show star names, because of too mutch data (text field overflow)
  • No. 675: bug fix: NPE fixed in edit dialog
  • No. 681: NASA import: use TAP for Kepler and K2 names (previous API interface used)
  • No. 682: NASA import: import also Gaia and TIC identifier and some other little improvements
    Simulation module
  • No. 664: bug fix: chart super earths should not show mini planets
  • No. 666: update of jfreechart lib
  • No. 677: chart spectral types of stars: bar width increased
  • No. 674: chart stars within 34 ly: unknown spectral types reclassified by theirs temperature
  • No. 663: new chart "number of planets in the Milky Way"
  • No. 676: new chart "temperature and distances of brown dwarfs"
  • No. 671: performance improvements: use persisted habitable zone of stars
  • No. 678: some charts in statistics category improved (overall count shown in chart title)

Version 6.10 (published on 24th Jan. 2021)
for Java 11

    General bug fixes and improvements
  • No. 635: warnings in command line fixed
  • No. 661: the asynchronous search did not throw an exception if the window is closed, bevor the search result can be shown

Version 6.9 (published on 17th Jan. 2021)
for Java 11

    General bug fixes and improvements
  • No. 632: add new quiz questions
    Database module
  • No. 646: if no local picture is available then pictures from Flickr would be shown; this feature must be enabled in the settings
  • No. 654: improved the classification of common names
  • No. 653/640: common names are now part of the database and no more stored in local files
  • No. 652: Exoplanet import: ignore missing object names
    Simulation module
  • No. 638: add new charts for planet mass/diameter and star distance

Version 6.8 (published on 1st Nov. 2020)
for Java 11

After the data import by version 6.7, a few corpses of data were sometimes left behind, which means that the star map is not fully loaded.

    General bug fixes and improvements
  • No. 650: bug report should contain the Planetensuche version
  • No. 643: detect the wrong JRE
    Database module
  • No. 651: remove corpses of data
    Star map module
  • No. 648: ignore objects without names/identifier

Version 6.7 (published on 25th Oct. 2020)
for Java 11

Because of technical reason the data import needs to be separate from the performance improvements.

    Database module
  • No. 614: catalog "Binarity of Hipparcos stars from Gaia pm anomaly" (HIP catalog) imported

Version 6.6 (published on 25th Oct. 2020)
for Java 11

    General bug fixes and improvements
  • No. 639: GUI theme is configurable
  • No. 636: size of main window increased, because it's smaller running with Windows 10
  • No. 516: cyclical Eureka-Netflix warnings (in log file) fixed
  • No. 634: clean up ressources after usage
  • No. 630: ClassCastException in the voting overview fixed
  • No. 629: performance improvements because of the import of the HIP catalog
  • No. 647: bug fix JRE path in update script file
    Database module
  • No. 616: TSV import - column for double star flag implemented
  • No. 618: TSV import - object merge implemented
  • No. 579: connection to TAP interface for exoplanet data update implemented (NASA)
  • No. 631: improve the object search
  • No. 628: performance improvements because of the import of the HIP catalog
  • No. 644: update with xml file can now merge objects
    Star map module
  • No. 627: performance improvements because of the import of the HIP catalog
    Simulation module
  • No. 626: performance improvements because of the import of the HIP catalog
  • No. 645: new chart number of stars and faintest star

Version 6.5 (published on 2nd Aug. 2020)
for Java 11

    General bug fixes and improvements
  • No. 619: offer Planetensuche with JRE
  • No. 624: remove Java 8 from installation instruction

Version 6.4 (published on 19th Jul. 2020)
for Java 11

    General bug fixes and improvements
  • No. 600: update of the system requirements description (Java 11)
    Database module
  • No. 597: import all missing Bayer and Flamsteed star names
  • No. 617: new TSV import option "update of existing values"
  • No. 601: bug fix: cursor lost until typing in the search field
  • No. 608: fix data mistakes related to double stars
  • No. 612: TSV import: now the star temperature can be imported as logarithmic value
  • No. 615: add Gaia DR2 as catalog (preparation for future data imports)
  • No. 603, 575, 605, 607: various small bug fixes and improvements
    Star map module
  • No. 611: Bayer and Flamsteed star names can be shown
  • No. 610: design of constellation twins improved
  • No. 609: brigth stars are shown bigger yet
  • No. 622: bug fix: constellation was not completly drawn if a star was weaker then 6 mag

Version 6.3 (published on 10th Jun. 2020)
for Java 11

    General bug fixes and improvements
  • No. 587: new Logo
  • No. 596: licence text updated
    Database module
  • No. 143: XML import: objects imported in the right order
  • No. 585: XML Import: duration time of import reduces by around 1/4
  • No. 599: bug fix: TSV import has not handle the combination "insert new objects and complete existing data"
  • No. 578, 581, 589: various small bug fixes and improvements
    Star map module
  • No. 588: bug fix: the search function didn't found some stars
  • No. 593: bug fix: the search function don't show anymore objects that can't show in the star map (e.g. planets)
  • No. 594: search function works faster and show longer object lists (search results)
    Simulation module
  • No. 595: add new chart about statistic of exoplanet types
  • No. 583: chart statistic of sun systems extended by number of super Earths and hot Jupiters and loading time of the chart improved
  • No. 577: fix unclear chart names in the program menu

Version 6.2 (published on 19th May 2020)
for Java 11

    General bug fixes and improvements
  • No. 567: voting overview: click on object info column works now
    Database module
  • No. 558: add new exoplanet project DMPP
  • No. 553, 565, 562, 561, 564: improve the exoplanet import and add new/missing exoplanet discoverer
  • No. 560, 572, 574: fix objects/identifier from past imports
  • No. 552, 525: add new asteroids
  • No. 541: improve the counting of objects in the catalog overview (particular Kepler) and add new catalogs
  • No. 573: catalog overview: show a progress bar in percent on startup
  • No. 569: bug-fix: XML export works now for all categories/objects
  • No. 570: bug-fix: notes are exported again with the XML export
    Star map module
  • No. 554: dialog "goto object" size increased
  • No. 576: Magnitude increased/decreased slower while scrolling

Version 6.1 (published on 11st Apr. 2020)
for Java 11

    general bug fixes
  • No. 556: error in update function fixed
  • No. 557: runtime errors (JavaFX) under Windows and Mac fixed

Version 6.0 (published on 5th Jan. 2020)
for Java 11

    general improvements
    Migration to Java 11. Older versions of Planetensuche can't run under Java 11.
    database module
  • No. 545: column width in catalog overview dialog depends on the content
  • No. 527: add column for object category to the catalog overview

Version 5.21 (published on 5th Jan. 2020)
for Java 8

    general improvements
    Preparation for the new Planetensuche version (6.0) based on Java 11.
    I suggest to install Java 11 (OpenJDK) and the new Planetensuche version. Oracle no longer develops Java 8 and Planetensuche 5.x don't work with Java 11.

Version 5.20 (published on 15th Dec. 2019)
for Java 8

    general improvements
    Preparation for a new Planetensuche version based on Java 11.
    I suggest to install Java 11 (OpenJDK). Oracle no longer develops Java 8.

Version 5.19 (published on 10th Nov. 2019)
for Java 8

    new features and improvements
    general improvements
  • No. 532: moon eclipses updated
    database module
  • No. 485: online exoplanet import: NASA mission stars also imported automatically
  • No. 78: search function in catalog overview
  • No. 530: exoplanet import: Gaia distances used
  • No. 534: exoplanet import: new catalogs added and because of this additional exoplanets can be imported
  • No. 540: detection of spectral types from imported catalogs improved
    star map
  • No. 536: improved the representations of some constellations
  • No. 535: accelerate the opening of the star map
  • No. 531: Summer Triangle, Great Square, Winter Circle and Spring Triangle now visible in the star map
    bug fixes
  • No. 539: fix worong calculation of negative coordinates from radian measure to floating point
  • No. 537: catalog overview: entries for GCVR catalogs now counted
  • No. 533: exoplanet import: 200% progress bar bug fixed
  • No. 524: link between stars and their Melotte star cluster fixed
    and some additional smaller improvements...

Version 5.18 (published on 3rd Mar. 2019)
for Java 8

    new features and improvements
  • No. 518: Counter in setup screen removed
  • No. 522: NASA CSV import/exoplanet online update imports the star age
  • No. 521: add TESS as an exoplanet project
    bug fixes

Version 5.17 (published on 4th Nov. 2018)
for Java 8

    new features and improvements
    general improvements
  • No. 458: voting function show the country
  • No. 481: voting function over Eureka cloud and SSL available
    database module
  • No. 494: improve exoplanet predictions
  • No. 502: add NGTS and Qatar as new exoplanet projects
  • No. 509: add new minor planet Goblin
  • No. 463: The comments for astronomy objects was now saved in the hsqldb - the orientDB was removed. With this Planetensuche needs now a lower amount of memory and disk space.
    star map
  • No. 56: legend is updated, depends on the current visible astronomy objects
  • No. 384: new menu item to show stars with exoplanets per exoplanet project (limited to the biggest projects)
    simulation module
  • No. 503: new view "comparision of the diameter of stars" in the menu "specials"
  • No. 504: new view "comparision of the diameter of (exo)planets" in the menu "specials"
  • No. 506: (exo)planet systems are moved to menu "orbit" and improved the presentation of (exo)planets and their stars
    bug fixes
    general bug fixes
  • No. 499: could not send big error report
  • No. 501: sometimes maximized windows are not well-positioned or a little bit bigger then the visible area
    simulation module
  • No. 507: planet systems - sometimes the number of exoplanets are wrong and the list is not sorted at startup
  • No. 508: planet systems - exoplanets without orbital data and unconfirmed exoplanets are now not part of the list No. 517: planet systems - the exoplanets in the legend was now sorted by their distance to the star
    database module
  • No. 505: surface temperature of planets and moons are now all saved in Kelvin
    other / QA
  • diverse refactorings, SonarQube quality profile updated and upgrade some libraries: No. 500, No. 496, No. 512, No. 495 and No. 462

Version 5.16 (published on 26th May 2018)
for Java 8

    new features and improvements
    database module
  • No. 488: improvement of the online update of exoplanets; except some objects, all exoplanets can be now imported
  • No. 493: the exoplanet predictions (artificial intelligence) based now on the data until 2017 and because of this, it works now a little bit better
  • No. 491: After Planetensuche crashed, you can unlock it easily without running an update (on the startup an dialog will be shown)

    bug fixes
    simulation module
  • No. 489: In the choosen list of asteroids the delete of asteroids are working now
  • No. 482: the chart discovery year and discoverer are now show more and better results; also missing discoverer added to database
    database module
  • No. 490: copy&paste are now working with the search field
  • No. 492: the window should not freez any more if you use the search field
  • No. 487: after the exoplanet online update the stars Kepler-33 and Kepler-582 was merged to one entry; now they are two independent stars again

Version 5.15 (published on 21st Apr. 2018)
for Java 8

    new features and improvements
    database module
  • No. 427: Exoplanet online update - If the last database update is 1 or more month ago, then a question will be shown on startup, if the online import should be executed. The process is fully automaticly. As needed the online update can be performed on every time. After the import is finished maybe not all exoplanets are available that expected. Unfortunately it happend on every import that the original data source have mistakes or use uncommon acronyms from papers that are no valid catalog id's. Such objects are automaticly ignored. Currently around 113 stars and planets are effected. In later releases I will implement some additional fixes of the original data that the numbers of not importable objects are reduced.
  • No. 484: no error messages are shown are any more if there is no Internet connection on Planetensuche startup
    No. 483: constellations was faster loaded from database (only noticeable with a bigger database)

Version 5.14 (published on 25th Nov. 2017)
for Java 8

    new features and improvements
    database module
  • No. 468: new column "confirmed" added to table discoverer year of exoplanets
  • No. 465: new import option - import all NASA exoplanet data
  • No. 467: new discoverer added
  • No. 460: new exoplanets from Q2 and Q3 added
  • No. 459: stop all background processes in the startup screen, if it's minimized or hidden
  • No. 471: voting overview: link's between the object's and the database module added
  • No. 466: cleanup of project dependencies
  • No. 472: test coverage of the project enabled in Sonar with Jacoco
  • No. 475: JUnit listener added to find long running test cases
  • No. 477: make own cloud solution available for the voting service

    bug fixes
    database module
  • No. 476: sometimes the pictures was not shown after switching between the object's
  • No. 474: sometimes an error occur on shutdown, if the database module was used before
  • No. 479: database can be open under Java 9
  • No. 478: Planetensuche can be run with Java 9

Version 5.13 (published on 19th Jun. 2017)
for Java 8

    bug fixes
  • No. 464: database module: column distance in dialog exoplanet predictions can be sorted now again
  • No. 461: simulation module: dialog planet systems can be now opened

Version 5.12 (published on 21st May 2017)
for Java 8

    new features and improvements
  • No. 448: show an error message if no JavaFX installation was found
  • No. 446: database module: new dialog for the determination of the luminosity class of an star (menu point 'specials')
  • No. 450: make sure that Planetensuche can run with Java 9
  • No. 116: database module: text field for name search shows possible suggestions
  • No. 456: new exoplanet discoveries from Q4 and Q1 added
  • No. 429: database module: show only discovery year if exactly date is unknown
  • No. 452: star map can now directly open from the main module
  • No. 36: database module: unit of mass and diameter was shown dependent of the exoplanet size
  • No. 447: database module: predictions of future (small) exoplanet discoveries around stars (menu point 'specials')

    bug fixes
  • No. 442: database module: star parameter B-V have rounding error
  • No. 423: database module: visible picture was moved at the right side if the user switch between pictures
  • No. 455: ignore errors that have another source then Planetensuche

Version 5.11 (published on 21st Dec. 2016)
for Java 8

    new features and improvements
  • No. 250: filter for chart surface temperature of exoplanets
  • No. 443: database module: list of common names of exoplanets available
  • No. 419: official common names of exoplanets added
  • No. 434: add new exoplanets from Q3 2016
  • No. 433: database module: K2 names of exoplanets imported
  • No. 441: bug report will be send to an REST service instead as E-mail, because of problems with E-mail providers
  • No. 440: "please wait" dialog replaced by a nice alternative
  • No. 439: main window: add new menu entry for overview about the votings
  • No. 431: database module: Tappist added
  • No. 436: database module: two same objects will be merged by CSV-Import
  • No. 430: database module: on data import a star will be related to tair star cluster

    bug fixes
  • No. 435: simulation module: planet systems - close button was missing under Ubuntu
  • No. 437: workaround for windows bug - user name was missing by voting
  • No. 438: Planetensuche did not freeze, if voting couldn't get from server
  • No. 445: direct after installation no module can opened

Version 5.10 (published on 4th Sept. 2016)
for Java 8

    new features and improvements
  • No. 406: migration to Java 8
  • No. 422: new voting function for objects and pictures
  • No. 420: database module: new exoplanets from Q2 added
  • No. 428: simulation module: search field for exoplanet systems added

    bug fixes
  • No. 426: send of a bug report works now
  • No. 432: simulation module: chart surface temperature of exoplanets now without caption

Version 5.09 (published on 8th Nov. 2015)
for Java 7

    new features and improvements
  • No. 413: database module: imports discoverer, teams and telescopes from NASA csv file
  • No. 414: simulation module: new charts about exoplanets with discoverer, teams and space telescopes
  • No. 415: database module: new discoverer and teams added, multiple deleted

    bug fixes
  • No. 416: simulation module: graphic bug under Ubuntu in exoplanet system simulation fixed
  • No. 412: simulation module: sun system can be opened in exoplanet system dialog

Version 5.08 (published on 17th Jun. 2015)
for Java 7

    new features and improvements
  • No. 407: simulation module: number of stars are visible in HRD and FHD chart
  • No. 381: database module: ultra cool stars (sptype L) can be saved
  • No. 409: database module: HD and HIP numbers added for stars with exoplanets
  • No. 405: simulation module: model updated for calculation of habitable zone around a star
  • No. 394: simulation module: two new charts added "super earths in the habitable zone"
  • No. 410: database module: exoplanets updated and new discoveries added

    bug fixes
  • No. 408: error on update from 5.6 to 5.7 fixed
  • No. 292: wrong typed discoverers renamed
  • No. 411: little bug fix in update modul

Version 5.07 (published on 25th Jan. 2015)
for Java 7

    new features and improvements
  • No. 403: database module: all stars from FK5 and FK6 catalog imported
  • No. 399: new exoplanets and stars added, also all stars that have exoplanet candidates

    bug fixes
  • No. 395: simulation module: text in chart star mass to jupiter mass was missing
  • No. 398: add an observation place: now arcsec can have a decimal place
  • No. 404: negative declination was incorrected shown
  • No. 402: database module: removed duplicated and retracted exoplanets

Version 5.06 (published on 13rd Apr. 2014)
for Java 7

    new features and improvements
  • No. 389: simulation module: dialog for choosing the asteroids in asteroid chart added
  • No. 387: simulation module: view the Kepler names in chart super earth's
  • No. 388: new exoplanets and stars added; 1 new moon and 1 new asteroid added

    bug fixes
  • No. 383: simulation module: Exception fixed on open the exoplanet system dialog
  • No. 391: problem that bug report could not send was solved

Version 5.05 (published on 15th Mar. 2014)
for Java 7

    new features and improvements
  • No. 374: database module: performance improvement: hard disc access reduced on database import
  • No. 371: simulation module: filter for planet mass in chart super earths added
  • No. 57: database module: exoplanets marked as confirmed
  • No. 380: database module: import of Kepler names (CSV file) now supported
  • new exoplanets and stars added; double exoplanets removed

    bug fixes
  • No. 373: error on choosing the location fixed
  • No. 372: simulation module: list of exoplanets don't skip in background
  • No. 375: shell scripts (Linux/Mac) have wrong line end
  • No. 360: database module: search field in input dialog throws an error
  • No. 379: widen fields of star time
  • No. 385: error on saving of the first configuration fixed
  • No. 382: error on installation under MS Windows

Version 5.04 (published on 24th Nov. 2013)
for Java 7

    new features and improvements
  • No. 367: simulation module: planet diameter are visible in chart planet systems
  • No. 370: database module: import for new csv file from adjusted
  • No. 366: database module: speed up the clean up function executed after an database update
  • new exoplanets and stars added

    bug fixes
  • No. 368: database module: discoverer are not sorted
  • No. 327: simulation module: exoplanet systems - label in legend hide color caption

Version 5.03 (published on 10th Nov. 2013)
for Java 7

    new features and improvements
  • No. 226: Update function: request if more than 3 updates are available
  • No. 358: database module: on import of exoplanets automaticly append an discovery team

    bug fixes
  • No. 362: database module: the object notes was show
  • No. 359: database module: error handling on export of an XML improved
  • No. 364: database module: after an CSV import unmodified objects are not longer shown as updated
  • No. 21: database module: some little bug fixes on the search over the internet
  • No. 363: database module: missing objects delivered in addition (e. g. Kepler-74)
  • No. 365: database module: double pictures removed
  • No. 361: database module: exception if an deleted object was shown

Version 5.02 (published on 27th Oct. 2013)
for Java 7

    new features and improvements
  • No. 352: database module: view only common names of stars instead of all names
  • No. 353: database module: speed up the XML import
  • No. 259: simulation module: axis changed in chart "mass and B-V"
  • No. 115: simulation module: charts "mass and semi major axis" and "brightness and distance" shows exoplanets with their discovery methods
  • No. 136: database module: import from are now supported; import from was more improved
  • many new exoplanets and their stars added, also updated existing data

    bug fixes
  • No. 344: simulation module: sporadical error on open of some charts fixed
  • No. 355: configuration dialog: changed of memory size are apply
  • No. 300: database module: category and object type completly internationalised
  • No. 332: simulation module: OutOfMemoryError in chart "mass and brightness" of stars fixed

Version 5.01 (published on 8th Sept. 2013)
for Java 7

    new features and improvements
  • No. 322: database module: import function adjusted for actually CSV file from
  • No. 322: database module: many new exoplanets and their stars added

    bug fixes
  • No. 350: database module: error on save in input dialog was fixed
  • No. 351: database module: error on startup of Planetensuche fixed and new creation of database works now without error's

Version 5.0 (published on 23rd Jun. 2013)
for Java 7

    new features and improvements
  • No. 286: version format changed
  • No. 253: axis sizing adjusted for chart metalicity and number of exoplanets
  • No. 90: database module: the constellation was calculated, if it is not saved
  • No. 313: the notices was saved into a no sql database
  • No. 310: database module: querydsl used now for persistence (e.g. for more speedup)
  • No. 337: database module: double object names was automaticly fixed on TSV import
  • No. 147: database module: spectral types and luminosity class was better identified on TSV import
  • No. 12: catalog BSC / HR is complete imported

    bug fixes
  • No. 329: database module: statistic for star clusters can now open without errors
  • No. 341: database module: TSV import can now redirect to XML without errors

Version 4.5.2 (bug fix – published on 5th Apr. 2013)
for Java 7

    new features and improvements
  • No. 255: axis sizing adjusted for many charts
  • No. 46: quiz questions translated and some added

    bug fixes
  • No. 61: White Dwarfs wasn't shown in HRD chart
  • No. 252: input of distance ignored in chart
  • No. 24: exception on start with empty database fixed

Version 4.5.1 (bug fix – published on 17th Feb. 2013)
for Java 7

    new features and improvements
  • No. 110: new chart: number of exoplanets per star
  • new exoplanets added and existing objects updated

    bug fixes
  • No. 309: bug in export/import function fixed
  • No. 305: exoplanet systems are placed in the middle of the chart
  • No. 87: the names of the constellations in the star map are shown in the configured language
  • No. 290: problems with umlauts in file names fixed
  • No. 247: some misspelling fixed

Version 4.5.0 (Minor Update – published on 3rd Nov. 2012)
for Java 7

    new features and improvements
  • No. 67: Planetensuche use Java 7
  • No. 135: presentation of all chars improved; explanations for charts added
  • No. 283: planetary systems: the eccentricity can input, if unknown
  • No. 277: database: shape "unknown" for star clusters added
  • No. 282: HRD/FHD: stars are automatically displayed at the correct position
  • No. 265: when you open a chart, a standard value in the input dialog appears
  • No. 288: main window: meteor shower internationalized and updated
  • No. 183: database: category stars opens faster
  • No. 289: new catalogs added
  • new exoplanets added and existing objects updated
  • No. 235: 23 new pictures added
  • many little improvements, e.g. No. 293, No. 188, No. 202

    bug fixes
  • No. 295: configuration dialog: on installation the right language is selected
  • No. 296: Knoppix: Planetensuche can open with *.sh files
  • No. 297: Knoppix: some errors fixed, which occurs after update
  • No. 298: configuration dialog: the coordinates of cities are correctly shown also under Linux
  • No. 262: database: exception while select an object or search for is fixed
  • No. 278: eccentricity-threshold in chart "jupiter-like planets" adjusted
  • No. 287: star map: information window can open for Hyaden and other
  • No. 258: chart "spectraltype and distance" - y-axis is adjusted
  • No. 248: database: pictures are not longer distorted
  • No. 280: HRD/FHD: choosing star clusters are not longer shown empty entry
  • No. 276: chart "mass and distrance" - axis interchanged
  • No. 270 and No. 271: erroneous data points removed from some charts
  • No. 245: file names of some lexicon entries fixed
  • No. 244: chart "stars - distance and spectral type" can opens
  • No. 238: database: catalog VDB shows right entries
  • No. 237: configuration dialog show an error message, if configuration file can't read
  • No. 225: Database cleanup before update runs through without errors
  • No. 200: bug report can visible special characters correctly
  • No. 167: database: objects with ambiguous names can't be saved
  • No. 191: star map show all objects on their right coordinate

Version 4.4.4 (Update – published on 4th Mar. 2012)
for Java 1.6

  • composite the updates from 4.4.1 to 4.4.4
  • No. 236: bug-fix: Planetensuche freezed or crashed while the into runs
  • No. 15: bug-fix: some Dark Nebulaes don't visible in star map
  • No. 229: bug-fix: case sensitive of object names are ignored
  • No. 101: bug-fix: orbit of exoplanets - habitable zone covered caption
  • No. 178: if an update failed, a more exactly error message show

Version 4.4.3 (Update – published on 26th Feb. 2012)
for Java 1.6

  • No. 221: composite updates; Planetensuche runs after update
  • No. 233: Planetensuche to require now an update to Java 7 and check if updates are compatible with installed Java version
  • No. 234: selection criteria for "object of the day" fixed
  • No. 224: Planetensuche needs less memory
  • No. 204: the selection for diagram planet systems list now also the number of exoplanets
  • No. 220: sometime crashes in diagram planet systems fixed
  • No. 212: an error in CSV import fixed
  • No. 205, 206, 207: many improvements and bug-fixes for XML schema
  • many new exoplanets and their stars added
  • many technical improvements and increase of quality

Version 4.4.2 (Update – published on 9th Oct. 2011)

  • No. 197: In special case database become corrupt after installation
  • No. 195: new exoplanets added

Version 4.4.1 (Update – published on 3rd Oct. 2011)

  • No. 193: The quiz opens correctly during the update process
  • No. 47: In replace of message box a message bar is shown in database module
  • No. 184/185: A new picture viewer was created, which is now used in database module and star map
  • No. 126: In the star map all pictures for an object are visible
  • No. 42: The dimension of stars in star map was correctly resize on zoom in/out
  • No. 186: The list with exoplanet-systems in simulation module was reload on every call
  • No. 68: During the Planetensuche installation if is a too old Java version on computer, the user was request to update them
  • No. 75: The record overview in database module can also open, if a category contains no objects
  • No. 74: On changing the category in database module a progress bar is visible
  • No. 85: Numbers from AG catalog was to correct at TSV/CSV import (database module)
  • No. 71: Stars must have a minimum temperature of 2000 kelvin, which avoid incorrect data after TSV/CSV import
  • No. 32: The button "goto" on input dialog in database module works now not case sensitive
  • No. 35: Some translations missing
  • No. 179: In the chart discoverer of exoplanets were now limited the numbers of discoverer in replace of the number of publications
  • No. 41: The dialog which give the constellation for a coordinate used now international constellation borders
  • No. 176: Some charts shew a progress bar window while loading data
  • No. 174: The window with a progress bar doesn't freeze, which is visible during open the database/simulation module
  • No. 18: A little bit reducing of scrolling in Life module
  • No. 17: A litte bit reducing of scrolling in formula module
  • No. 72: During a search in database module a progress bar window is visible
  • No. 92: Discovery date to rename in publishing date (database module)
  • No. 93: During loading data for object history a progress bar window is visible
  • No. 172: The star map have now a tool bar with scroll and zoom functions eg.
  • No. 171: A new place/city an save during the installation without an error
  • No. 37: Searching in database module needs fewer clicks; redesign of dialog
  • No. 69: The update process abort, if the update file is not trust
  • No. 168: A search in database module doesn't find many not to matter objects
  • No. 169: No error message is in database module visible if it's a Basic version and no pictures found for an object
  • No. 76: In Basic version the diashow can't enable/open
  • No. 160: Add the icon in dialog sun-/jupiter-like stars/planets (simulation module)
  • No. 170: over 50 new exoplanets added

Version 4.4.0 (Minor Update – published on 31st Jul. 2011)

  • No. 0000005: Planetensuche have a bugtracking system for manage all bugs and new features. With the guest login Guest (username) - guest (password) you have access to the roadmap and all reported bugs/features. If you like to report a bug/improvement you must registered your own account.
  • No. 0000065: The bugtracking system can open over menue in main window.
  • No. 0000006: bug-fix bugreport: bugreport is visible if an error in the programm occurs
  • No. 0000033: bug-fix bugreport: input of e-mail adress needs also the name
  • No. 0000007: simulation module: add a scrollbar to dialog with sun-like stars
  • No. 0000008: simulation module: A list with jupiter-like planets was shown, if the chart jupiter-like planets was open.
  • No. 0000010: simulation module: In the star map for deep-sky objects are additional names/identifyer shown.
  • No. 0000011: database: there are a context menu for the big text area (click on right on it), in witch are the object details are shown; over the context menu you can opening the star map in witch is the current object centered
  • No. 0000009: database: around 100 new objects, some exoplanets updated and many new inserted
  • No. 0000044: The database and simulation module used together the same database. Changes in database module are now visible in simulation module.
  • No. 0000004: installation: installer.jar and hauptprogramm.jar and many other modules are builded into one jar called planetensuche.jar; For install and program start are only execute the single planetensuche.jar file; Only the updater.jar must be of technical reasons an extra jar file
  • No. 0000161: the update Module closed automaticly after all updates downloaded
  • No. 0000003: change to Maven: For users is only new that the programm and updates was more bigger
  • No. 0000003: upgrading of quality management: More tools for code analysis are used for increasing of code quality and messurement

Version 4.3.8 (Update – published on 1st Mar. 2011)

  • bug-fix database: the diameter of all objects can already imported from XML documents
  • Datenbank: all exoplanets updated, because around 50 exoplanets have no diameter and no discovery method in the previous version

Version 4.3.7 (Update – published on 27th Feb. 2011)

  • bug-fix main program: sometimes there are not view/selected the saved city in configuration dialog
  • bugreport: the bugreport was attached as file in replace of text
  • simulation module: chart discovery year of exoplanets was redesigned - 2 new views for discovery methods and discoverer teams, in additional a cumulative line is shown
  • simulation module: for calculating of the habitate zone around a star was used the best formula from a collection of formula (all new implemented); because of this for more stars can to calculated with standard criterias the habitate zone
  • database module: import time of TSV files increased
  • database module: the constellation was automaticly recalculated, if an object was modified
  • bug-fix database module: at the end of XML import no ConcurrentModificationException occurs
  • bug-fix database module: a better error message shows, if a object is selected which is alreay deleted
  • database module: new object type "Herbig-Haro-Object" in category "Galaxies and Nebulae"
  • database: catalogs updated
  • database: some stars updated and new exoplanets inserted; 7 new pictures
  • some little improvements

Version 4.3.6 (Update – published on 29th Dec. 2010)

  • all modules: There are now a central configuration dialogue in main program. The configuration dialog in database module was removed.
  • all modules: new Icons for save, delete, search and others
  • the user guide is current only a website, it's a workaround for windows bug on open a pdf file
  • main module: The user was directly informed and redirect to update module, if a new update is available. This reduce some clicks in oposite to previous use case.
  • database module: while importing objects with coordinates from a catalogue, the constellation was automatically calculated and saved for object
  • database module: there are a option for deactivate the check of catalogue file, which can find multiple object names in catalogues
  • database module: the export function can now output large XML documents
  • bug-fix database module: forenames of discoverer can changed
  • database: catalogs updated
  • database: some star clusters and stars updated and new exoplanets inserted; 8 new pictures
  • quiz: new questions added
  • some little improvements

Version 4.3.5 (Update – published on 25th Oct. 2010)

  • bug-fix bug-report: formatting of bug report in email

Version 4.3.4 (Update – published on 24th Oct. 2010)

  • all modules: decimal numbers can input in configured language format (for example in German 1.000,5 and in English 1,000.5)

  • main program: some spelling mistakes fixed

  • bug-fix main program: check of coordinates in observer place is implemented and new observer places don't append on the last observer place

  • bug-fix main program: The update checker in background does not throw a “hard error” (for example if there are no access to the Internet)

  • bug-fix database: sporadic error until change the category fixed

  • bug-fix database: in dialogue for editing objects there are no errors until save, if one or more discoverer are linked to object

  • bug-fix life module: if the input number are not correct, an error message is shown

  • life module: the window can free resized, for minimised of scrolling

  • bug-fix simulation - HRD: The calculation of spectral type from temperature of stars without known spectral type works now correctly. Because of this some stars have another position in HRD as before.

  • bug-fix quiz: little over-worked of user interface

  • new pictures, stars and exoplanets inserted or updated

  • some source code improvements / re-factorings

Version 4.3.3 (Update - published on 29th Sept. 2010)

  • bug-fix simulation: star map can open correctly without error message; if an error occurs the progress window closed after error message

  • bug-fix quiz: icon shows which used from all other modules

Version 4.3.2 (Update – published on 27th Sept. 2010)

  • bug-fix database: filter configuration resetted, which fixed the SQLException in database module. Because of this the user must create his own new filter settings.

Version 4.3.1 (Update – published on 26th Sept. 2010)

  • chapter 7 “first steps” are over-worked

  • all modules: Nimbus theme is used, if available (require JRE 1.6 update 10 or later)

  • Main program: a splash screen and a slide show animation added, also some icon's in the menu

  • main program - settings: In the settings window it can be only select values in range for the log file size.

  • Main program - settings: It can be choose the maximum usage RAM size for one module. Because of this, you can give the database more memory, after an import of a big catalog. This increased the performance.

  • Main program – settings: The splash screen and the slide show can be enable or disable in the configuration dialog.

  • installation: install.jar rename to installer.jar

  • bug-fix update module: After an update under Linux, the zip files were not unzipped correctly, because of this the Planetensuche installation becomes defective.

  • update module: Some users have problems with a write look of readme.pdf which can't unziped. Because of this the unzip try again and the user become a information message.

  • formula collection: Hubble constant updated

  • life module: HD 209458b added as new example

  • quiz: more questions added

  • quiz: the window can now free resize

  • simulation – star map: status window shows the actually loading data

  • simulation: some icons added in menu

  • simulation: items in combobox for diagrams mass and diameter are also show in English; category comets removed

  • bug-fix simulation: In chart planet systems are only exoplanets with known orbit distance and excentrity are visible.

  • bug-fix simulation: Null-Pointer-Exception resolved – if an chart needs parameters, after on click to cancel, the chart shows with default parameters

  • database and simulation module: new multi-threaded database core (because of this the performance increased); database changed to HSQLDB 2.0; some query-optimizations implemented

  • database/simulation module: new object type „variable star of unknown type“ and new spectral types „WC“, „WN“, „WR“ and „S“

  • database: pictures from an object are better refits to the picture window

  • database: windows with only one table, the table can print out over the menu

  • database: new functions programmed for automatic find and delete of corrupted database entries after an program update

  • bug-fix database: the database modul can start again after a repair of the database (creation of a new database)

  • database: the CSV schema for importing of any CSV/TSV files is upgraded (for example components of stars are now supported)

  • database: import dialog - message removed and new menu added with links to data sources; support for .exo file format disabled, because Exo-DB2 project is discontinued

  • database: the CSV/TSV import performance improved by caching the object names

  • bug-fix database: the CSV/TSV import calculated the Declination from hours, minutes and seconds now correctly into a floating number

  • database: also a progress window is show until the load of the records overview; record overview is now multithreaded, which reduce the loading time

  • database: because of changes on the CSV file format from the import function is adjusted and optimized

  • database – input form: Changes on existing objects with notes are not produce every time new .dat files with new names.

  • bug-fix database: The orbit velocity of moons is now correctly calculated. If the orbit velocity not saved in the database, there are calculated if an object is shown.

  • database: If planets, moons, asteroids, brown dwarfs and stars shown the surface gravity is calculated

  • bug-fix database: While an import from a file, the stars are better checked for double/multiple components and for variable star, for adjustment of the object type.

  • database: during an import of stars from a file, the distance is calculated if only visible and absolute brightness is imported

  • bug-fix database: now it can be redirect an import file (e.g. tsv) to an XML file (export); also all redirected objects become a actually timestamp, if a later import is possible

  • bug-fix database: if while an import the B-V is calculated, now it round to 3 decimal places

  • database: the dialog with you can search for objects for a given coordinate can now maximized; also coordinates can now to input as format h:m:s

  • database: add new records to record overview

  • database: catalog overview updated; also an re-size of the window works correctly

  • database: some 100 new objects added; about 5,000 objects updated; 24 new pictures added

  • some internal improvements and bug-fixes

Version 4.3.0 (Update – published on 28th Mar. 2010)

  • all modules: letter size configurable (in the settings window in main program, used from all modules); dependency among each other re-factored and updated

  • bug-fix all modules: special character (e.g. °) are now correctly displayed

  • formula module: source code refactoring finished

  • database: data model refactored; XML import optimized (about 30% faster); forename of discoverer are also shown; please wait message in catalog overview removed

  • database: Exoplanet's updated and some removed; numerous objects updated and new added

  • database: discoverer of exoplanets updated

  • bug-fix simulation: the star map also shows correctly, if multiple task bar under Windows/Linux exists

  • simulation: chart surface temperature of exoplanets – the names of the exoplanets are displayed

  • simulation: chart discoverer of exoplanets – for a better overview it will be ask for the minimum number of publications from an discoverer

  • simulation: the charts discoverer of moons, exoplanets and deep-sky-objects – all discoverer were order by the number of their discoveries

  • simulation: chart discoverer methods of exoplanets – us 8 planets are now not displayed in this chart

  • bug-report: JavaMail updated to version 1.4.3

  • bug-fix bugreport: BadPatternException under Linux is fixed

  • quiz: questions updated

Version 4.2.9 (Update – published on 27th Feb. 2010)

  • main programm: The list of the cities is automatic updated, if a new location is added. The cities are to arrange in alphabetical order.

  • formula module: source code re-factoring

  • quiz: new questions added

  • database: some new objects added and some existing objects updated; exoplanet VB 10 b removed

Version 4.2.8 (Update – published on 17th Feb. 2010)

  • installation: Additional it tests the execute and write access rights and error messages were shown; source code re-factoring

  • bug-fixes installation: a empty browser path can't be saved and the path to the desktop should be correctly detected

  • bug-fix main programm: source code re-factored if in future avoid Null-Pointer-Exceptions while reading the configuration

  • main program: F8 key can now used for open the quiz module. Message with waiting of opening of the database/simulation module removed, because a progress bar window exists.

  • bug-fixes simulation: no errors by view the moons around a planet in our sun system; additional check in star map if picture exists; in the file chooser dialog can again selected the SETI folder

  • bug-fix progress bar window: NullPointerException fixed

  • bug-fix database: it can be selected catalogs and contains objects, without a IndexOutOfBoundsException occur

  • bug-fix database: import function – The true diameter (in ly) of some objects were wrongly imported as diameter in grad. This bug is fixed and the relevant objects are to updated with this version.

  • database: some new stars and exoplanets added / updated

  • quiz: some new questions added

Version 4.2.7 (Update – published on 22nd Jan. 2010)

  • bug fixes for log and language module: The error message „Can't create the logfile“ is now only shown if write access failed. The language module loading automaticly the language german, if no other settings given. And the installer.jar show in case of an error a better error message.

  • database: some new stars and their exoplanets added or updated; a lot of asteroids added

  • quiz: some new questions added

Version 4.2.6 (Update – published on 08th Jan. 2010)

  • database: XML export statements were changed for HSQLDB 1.9 migration

  • database: after an database update (XML import) a short overview was shown

  • database: some new stars and their exoplanets added, also a lot of older objects updated

Version 4.2.5 (Update – published on 03rd Jan. 2010)

  • Because some Planetensuche users haven't all data, this update imports the data from previous version 4.1.6. This update don't changed the data from the other Planetensuche users.

  • Database: some new stars added

Version 4.2.4 (Update – published on 01st Jan. 2010)

  • Some Planetensuche users haven't many objects, because of this some errors on different places occurs. This update fixed some of this.

  • bug-fix database: while the XML import no more exception should be thrown, because of this the data's from the previous version contains also in this update, to update the data of all Planetensuche users

  • database: the import of an XML file from the update process is now ~22% faster

  • bug-fix simulation: a better error message is shown, if an error occurs while to get the stars for the star lines of the constellations

  • simulation: our sun system can shows under the menu point planet systems

  • update module: the user will ask before a update is downloaded

  • bug report module: a field for the name of the Planetensuche user added, if an answer is needed

  • new module „quiz“ added, but the questions are today only in german

Version 4.2.3 (Update – published on 22nd Dec. 2009)

  • overall around 207 bugs and performance brakes, also some duplicated source code fixed

  • some double source code identify and merged

  • new logging function works now with log4j

  • database: look of a component updated; star clusters and nebulas shows till around 50% faster

  • database: cancel button for the import interface added

  • database: import of objects from csv/tsv file format works now ~40% faster; also the forenames of the discoverer will be imported from an xml file

  • database: progress window shows if module is loading, a object is loading or the catalog collection should be shown

  • bug-fix database: the number of Flamesteed catalog entries now counting correctly

  • database: new exoplanets and their stars added, also many new stars with their metallicity

  • simulation: chart „sun system“ upgraded, it opens 6 times faster as before; also the charts „sun-like stars“, „jupiter-like planets“ and „earth-like planets“ starts faster

  • simulation: chart „sun system“ and simulation of exoplanet orbits: the habitable (life) zone now better calculated

  • simulation: charts counting of stars, star clusters, galaxies and nebulas added a % value; the chart „number of sptypes“ show now the unknown values

  • simulation: the simulation of asteroids and moon orbits are shown faster as before

  • simulation: exoplanets systems – the list of the names about the exoplanet systems collected by the exoplanet names and not from the star names. Also the habitable zone is visible if the planet orbit is inner of the habitable zone area.

  • simulation: star map optimised; the star map can now also show the SETI@home Work Units (if exists)

  • simulation: a progress window is shown if the module is started

  • simulation: new charts „number of galaxies and nebulas per discoverer“, „number of star clusters per discoverer“, „number of brown dwarfs per discoverer“ and „number of moons per discoverer“, and also „number of Brown Dwarfs per discovery method“ and „super-Earth: diameter and mass“

  • bug-fix bugreport: till today in some cases a error occurs and because of this the module wasn't shown (program closed unexpectly)

Version 4.2.2 (Update – published on 18th Oct. 2009)

  • main program: window program information updated

  • simulation: the star map loads ~85% faster; zoom and scroll are also works faster

  • bug-fix simulation: the star map can show again the constellation names and painting over the border is not more possible

  • simulation: JfreeChart updated to version 1.0.13

  • database: internal SQL statements updated, because of this a load of an object is a little bit faster and also the import (~ 45% faster) and export (~ 55% faster)

  • database: import function reworked – objects with an refer to an (now) not existing object will be saved on the end, if the refer object is in the database

  • database: search by coordinate and the identify of an constellation works very faster

  • database: some new objects added an some existing updated

  • database: JDOM updated to version 1.1.1

  • module life: the example Gliese 581 c is changed to Gliese 581 e

Version 4.2.1 (Update – published on 04th Oct. 2009)

  • new icon for Planetensuche, which replace the Java coffee cup

  • there are to readme files – one for german and one for english users

  • bug-fix main window/update module: The update module don't show the main window as already running, if their is closed. Also some little usabillity upgrades.

  • database: the view of the star names into a multiple star system works better; little upgrades of the CSV/TSV import function

  • database: the categories view now in the actually used language, also the under categories (object types), galaxy types, nebula types and star cluster types

  • bug-fix database: the star diameter calculates now correctly

  • database: The overview about the catalogs open faster; overview about variable stars are expanded; filter for proper names upgraded

  • database: new overview of stars into 34 ly added

  • bug-fix database: the search into the Internet works now (no null pointer exceptions)

  • database: many new objects (also exoplanets) added, some stars updated

  • simulation: the object types and the forms view now into the selected language

  • simulation: new diagrams „temperature of exoplanets“ and „radialvelocity and metallicity“; diagrams „discovery method of exoplanets“ and „sun systems“ upgraded

  • simulation – star map: zoom works better, also the view of the object names; the star map were optimized for a faster open

  • simulation: luminosity class in FHD upgraded

  • bug-fix installation module: the selected language were now correctly saved into the config file and not every german

Version 4.2.0 (Update – published on 23rd Aug. 2009)

  • all: language english is fully supported from the program

  • bug-fix main window: Because of an bug in window settings the local observation place don't show correctly, if the choosen language is english. This error is removed now.

  • simulation: private data structure reworked and updated menu

  • simulation: diagram „sun systems“ is expanded and the diagram „spectral types and exoplanets“ were added the spectral type M of brown dwarfs

  • simulation: The diagram FHD calculates and shows also the luminosity classes

  • simulation: new diagrams „distance and redshift“ (galaxies), „star mass to planet masses“ (exoplanets), „age and metallicity“ (star clusters and galaxies), „B-V and absolut brightness“ (star clusters and galaxies), „mass and distance“ (galaxies)

  • bug-fix simulation: diagram „average star“ shows now the true values (stars with exoplanets and other stars was before interchanged)

  • simulation: star map upgraded (RA and DECL have fine zoning; the stars don't resized too big, while zooming; galaxies, nebulas and other will also resized if no diameter is known; choosen dialog shown if more objects into click-range)

  • bug-fix simulation: Planemos now view into the statistic of the sun systems and some value ranges into other diagrams changed

  • bug-fix simulation: the green zone (life area) now calculates correctly (only used into specials -> „planet systems“)

  • database: The CSV schema have now 2 new fields for the import „identifier/proper name“ and „distance in Kpc“. Also you can saved now different CSV schemas under different names.

  • bug-fixes database: the import of an CSV file don't makes errors, if a column have no value; CD catalog names also corrects how the BD catalog identifiers; different parallaxe values don't calculates wrong ly values; the error messages are reduced, if the import try to correct an object name

  • bug-fix database: information message about comets/asteroids are more usabillity

  • bug-fix database: view of the object names of multiple star systems works better

  • database: into the setting window you can choose in which format the coordinates should be shown (h m s or only h)

  • database: Also for all the numbers of all objects into the selected object or around the selected object are shown (for example the numbers of moon around a planet or the number of stars into a star cluster)

  • database: Now for all galaxies and globular clusters the absolut brightness is automaticly calculated and shown.

  • database: now new discoverer methods can be added

  • bug-fix database: If the language english is used, no pictures can view in full screen mode; also the menu is upgraded for english

  • bug-fix database: If the language english is used and the catalogs should be viewed (and not the categories), no objects shown for the selected catalog

  • database: star clusters and nebulas are faster to view

  • database: if you like to export to an XML file, the last modified date show on the top (if you choosen „by date„)

  • database – input mask: RA and DECL shows already the first number; also some graphical bugs fixed; the mask was reworked, because of this resolutions under or equal 800 pixel can also show the mask. Also for star clusters you can saved the B-V, metallicity, radial velocity and the corresponding nebula/galaxy. For galaxies you can saved the B-V and metallicity.

  • database: Because of the new fields for star clusters and galaxies, the export function was reworked. Also the XML schema (actually version 1.2).

  • bug-fix database: the export of a single object into HTML and CSV are works now correctly.

  • bug-fix database: the radial velocity of objects with <0 are now to export

  • database: new exoplanets and their stars added also some interessting objects and many Cepheiden; many existing objects updated; many new stars with their metallicity and temperature added

  • bug-fix formula collection: the formula for the calculation of the star age are reworked also the view of the formula discription and the constants

  • formula collection: Hubblekonstante aktualisiert

  • bug-fix calculator: a label fixed

  • Installation program: some labels and default values updated

Version 4.1.9 (Update – published on 11st Jun. 2009)

  • all: more labels and message boxes translated into english

  • database: performance analysis removed and into the input mask the field absolut brightness is cleared, if the user click on new

  • database: some new stars from M 36 added

  • bug-fix update module: The program waits for finished to create a new XML schema, after this new data will be imported.

  • Update module: After the download of a new update, the checksum are verifying

Version 4.1.8 (Update – published on 03rd Jun. 2009)

  • simulation: The star map open faster after some optimiztions (around 80 % faster but for all that the number of objects increased)

  • simulation: Into the diagram „radial velocity and distance“ the sun was removed; the diagram „stars in <34 ly“ also view the values into percent; diagram sun systems expanded for some new values

  • database: Age and visible brightness were calculated for star clusters and galaxies/nebulas

  • database – input mask: some overlooked fields are now also translated and a field for the absolut brightness again added (but field is not editable)

  • database: some new objects added (nearby stars, exoplanets)

  • database: catalog overview expanded

  • Installation program: not the complet text are shown, this bug is now fixed

Version 4.1.7 (Update – published on 21st May 2009)

  • database: some object datas updated

Version 4.1.6 (Update – published on 21st May 2009)

  • multi-language already supported, but not all translate to english

  • main window: some litte updates of the usabillity (program info window)

  • simulation: The star map can open around 30% faster, which need some more RAM, also into the object information window the proper names of star clusters, galaxies and nebulas are view (in place of the catalog number)

  • simulation: The star map can also show the constellation figures and not only the names of the constellations. Also stars with low brightness views dark. And the zoom in don't makes the stars very big.

  • simulation: statistic „sun systems“ expanded and a new diagram stars - „average star“ added

  • database: The records show now only rounded values and a little graphical bug in main window fixed.

  • database: Also metallicity, B-V and the average radial velocity of star clusters, galaxies and nebulas calculated and show with their stars.

  • bug-fix database: After delete an object no error message shown and some little bugs fixed (because of this some error messages don't show)

  • database and simulation: This two modules can used at the same time. But changes into the database module have first after the next start an affect in the simulation module.

  • database: The mask CSV schema for input of catalogs are expanded, because of this also catalogs from Vizer can be imported. A test with a small version of the „Fundamental parameters of stars (Allende Prieto+, 1999) was successfully. This catalog were copy by this update into the „database“ folder.

  • bug-fix database: The button for run a import is already disabled, while the CSV/TSV import is running.

  • database: The input have the new option „update only existing files“. If this option is choosen, all existing objects to complement with values, which are not into the database. New objects are not imported.

  • For many stars were added mass, metallicity and age

  • many new objects added (exoplanets, nearby stars, brightest stars)

  • over new 100 new pictures added

  • catalogs and filters added

Version 4.1.5 (Update – published on 02nd Mar. 2009)

  • main window: some old Java commands replaced

  • simulation: The star map can view the picture of an choosen object. Also the object is already marked after a search till a new object searched. Because of this it can be easy to find in the star map, also after many zoom and scrolls.

  • simulation: new diagram (under statistic) „spectral types in 34 ly“

  • bug-fix database: The names of all stars into a star cluster are already visible and not only one. The same by galaxies and galaxy clusters, stars in nebulas and other combinations.

  • bug-fix database: The input mask show now all discoverer, if you click on the button add discoverer.

  • database: While the import and if you add a new object, a function checking if the names of the objects are the same names as some existing names of different objects. Because of this the inport of great files (not .EXO) can takes some more time.

  • database: For star clusters and nebulas were calculated the B-V and metallicity with the stars into this objects and view this results.

  • database: adds the mass of many objects into a range of ~33 ly

  • some source code optimized in the module life

Version 4.1.4 (Update – published on 24th Feb. 2009)

  • database: source code optimized

  • database: Now also the age can be saved into the database (today only for brown dwarfs, stars, star clusters, galaxies and nebulas). All file formats which used by the import and export function must be upgraded, also the input mask.

  • bug-fix database: The records show now the right lowest and highest planet mass and the highest star brightness (visible brightness). Also the records increased for jungest and oldest star.

  • database: some litte updates, for example if filter settings enabled no object with unknown values are shown (but only objects which were conform with the filter settings) and the density of objects are shown only the first 4 decimal places (used by view an object and records)

  • bug-fix database: On every run the „object of the day“ is shown. Sometimes it would not be functionally, but the bug is now fixed.

  • bug-fix database: Informations about the constellations can be shown, also if the language for the constellations are changed.

  • database input mask: Now a button exists, with this the pictures can delete.

  • database: After a database update, again pictures and notes with no links to objects were removed and the radial velocities of planets were new calculated (round to 2 decimal place).

  • bug-fix database: After every update the diameters of stars were new calculated. A bug is fixed now (this function have calculated the radius and not the diameter).

  • database: this update contains all objects from version 4.1.1

  • database: some new objects added and many existing objects updated, in particular the mass, metallicity and the age

  • formula collection: source code optimized

  • simulation: source code optimized

  • bug-fix simulation: In the object list for diameter/mass diagram can't add the same object multiple.

  • bug-fix simulation: some graphical problems fixed

  • simulation: search by object added into the star map menu

  • simulation: 9 new diagrams added: discovery year and mass (exoplanets), discovery year and semi-major axis (exoplanets), mass and semi-major axis (brown dwarfs), brightness and distance (star clusters), age and mass (stars), age and distance, age and absolut brightness, age and temperature, age and star type

  • simulation: 5 diagrams have input dialogs for limited the value ranges

  • simulation: minimum one diagram open faster and the diagrams „metallicity / number of exoplanets“ is upgraded

  • simulation: The simulation about our sun system need all inputs, before it can be shown. Also every asteroid/moon orbit view in a other color.

  • simulation: The diagram „sun-like stars“ have also now the value „age“. And a list this name of sun-like stars were show at the end.

  • simulation: In the diagrams number of earth-/jupiter-like planets and sun-like stars were shown the value ranges, with this the objects selected.

  • Update module: Befor every XML import automaticly a new XML schema are created, else a error can occur because of old schema and new XML file.

Version 4.1.3 (Update – published on 28th Jan. 2009)

  • bug-fix simulation: Into the diagram „exoplanets and their discoverer“ are now only show discoverer from exoplanets in the underline.

  • simulation: If an actually JRE used, the diagrams HRD, FHD, distance and brightness and the star map are not correctly shown. This update fixed the problem.

  • Bug report: If the program canceled the sending process (for example not connected to the Internet), now the window don't closed, but you can again to click on send. Additional some buttons added.

  • Bug report: Security update (for example the e-mail encryption)

  • database: source code optimized

  • database: some new objects added, also a new picture

Version 4.1.1 and 4.1.2 (Update – published on 17th Jan. 2009)

  • database: a delete of object names and objects produce an information into the log file

  • database: Now a function exists, which can be find and delete double/multiple entries (for example because of an wrong import). But this function can only run the program self.

  • database: Some double exoplanets (~10) and their stars, which have wrong names, were removed by this update. Now the number of exoplanets are correctly.

  • database: einige neue Objekte (vor allem Exoplaneten) eingefügt und vorhandene aktualisiert

Version 4.1.0 (Update – published on 22nd Dec. 2008)

  • all: All modules and the main window were modified, because the program should be supported multi languages in further. Because of this all program parts must be updated. After this update you can changed the language between german and english, but it is already only for tests. This means today only the menu in the main window will be shown in the selected language.

  • all: All modules and the main window have now a protected function, there avoid, that many bug report windows shown, if multiple error occurs. The number of this is limited to 9. But all errors will be logged, independent of this new protected function.

  • all: All modules don't delete the log file every run, but only if the settings are allowed (default value 128 kb)

  • bug-fix main window: The menu settings writes after you saved them multiple settings into the config file. This mistake is fixed now.

  • bug-fix main window: If you add a new city, sometimes the grad character don't show correctly and also it writes wrong into the config file. This bug is fixed

  • main window: If the program are already not installed, a warning message shown and the install module automaticly run.

  • bug-fix database: Constellations are already correctly saved, even which language are shown; for brown dwarfs also the constellations correctly saved

  • bug-fix database: input fields don't produces error messages, if the user click on cancel

  • bug-fix database: The export into XML into the input mask now works correctly.

  • bug-fix database: If invalid inputs in the mask search by coordinate detected, now a error message shown and not show coordinates.

  • database: in mask info now shown a round value of the average numbers of names per object.

  • database: The main window updates for a better support of resolution.

  • bug-fix database: If you selected the catalog view, only objects into this selected catalog will be shown. The previous version sometimes shows wrong objects or nothing.

  • database: The filter settings have also the option to show only objects with pictures. Also for different categories you can choosen different filter settings. The filter settings writes into a config file, because of this on the next run all settings ready for use. For this version are default filter settings are enabled, which only show objects with pictures (but only not for category brown dwarfs).

  • database: Now the names of all stars into a double or multiple system were shown (these objects can also selected and shown)

  • bug-fix database: now Gif pictures were shown on the right hand side of the notes.

  • database: now an export of single objects are possible

  • bug-fix database: The import with an XML file can again to import the galaxy form, galaxy type and star cluster form. Because of an bug previous updates of galaxies, nebulas and star clusters are sometimes not complete. But the great number of new and updated objects should be to update the most of older objects.

  • database: The calculated remaining time for the export of objects to correct.

  • database: The overview of catalogs are expanded and upgrade the filter for the overview of proper names of stars and the list for proper names of galaxies and nebulas.

  • database: in the help menu – overview about variable stars expanded

  • database: After a database update, automaticly all diameters of the stars a new calculated.

  • database: Now it's possible to show a list with proper names of star clusters.

  • database: The search function replaces automaticly the HIC catalog with HIP; already it can be searched by object names their have a . or # character into the name.

  • database: The input mask now allow to links moons to asteroids.

  • bug-fix database: The input mask shows for some categories only objects allowed by the filter settings, in place of all objects. From this version all objects can selected in the input mask.

  • bug-fix database: The input mask don't show all spectral sub classes for white dwarfs. This bug is fixed now.

  • database: input formular: Now you can save the absolute brightness and B-V for brown dwarfs. And for galaxies and nebulas you can saved the radial velocity.

  • database: input mask: The temperature of a star can now to calculate. But this is not realy the true temperature of a star!

  • database: The coordinates (RA & DECL) and the constellation were already show for all brown dwarfs and not only for brown dwarfs without central star. If known, the radial velocity of a galaxy is also shown.

  • database: menu is more usabillity and the source code is clean up

  • database: many objects are updated and many new objects added, also some new pictures

  • simulation: new diagrams „diameter and brightness“ (stars), „age and metallicity“ and „distance and radial velocity“ (galaxies)

  • simulation: star map complet reworked!

      • Supports now the mouse wheel for zoom

      • the brightness of stars increased without fixed steps while zooming

      • while zooming the hours increased for 0.5 steps and the DECL increased for 5 grad steps (the graduation on the down and right border)

      • the constellation names shows faster

      • stars with exoplanets can make visible, also if their is not brightness enough to view

      • also it can be now to view brown dwarfs, galaxy clusters and all other objects (for example dark nebulas)!

      • Now there are a search function by object name

      • all stars can view in here color index

      • galaxies, nebulas, star clusters and dark nebulas were view now in their real size

      • in the information window about an object also shown the diameter of the object

      • now you can selected into the open star map, which object classes should be visible

  • simulation: diagram „diameter and mass“ upgraded

  • simulation: Diagram „spectral type and B-V“ shows now only the average B-V for all spectral types. Because of some exotic stars the minimum and maximum B-V was too unrealistic.

  • simulation: The diagrams HRD, FHD and „temperature and brightness“ shows now also brown dwarfs. For this also the absolute brightness range must be increased.

  • simulation: The HRD can now to view white dwarfs with their temperature or spectral type (for example DA, DB, ...).

  • bug-fix simulation: The diagram „count spectral types“ show now also the spectral type DO, for white dwarfs.

  • bug-fix simulation: The simulation about our sun system shows an error, of the user click on cancel. This bug is fixed now.

  • bug-fix formula collection: checking for inputs are upgraded

  • bug-fix formula collection: The function which round the result value produce for some formulas an error. This bug don't exists now.

  • Formula collection: formula „calculate the radius for a star“ shows now the radius into sun radius and not into km

  • formula collection: new formula „calculate B-V“

  • Update module: Before the user can run the update a warning message show, if some parts of the program already running. A update can only run, if the user accept this (update while program not closed).

  • Recommend system requirements updated in this readme

Version 4.0.9 (Update – published on 08th Oct. 2008)

  • bug-fix in main window: no connection to the internet don't produces errors

  • main window: eclipses updated and some litte other updates for a better usabillity

  • database: also show aphelion and perihelion distance and not only the semi-major axis

  • database: before the export started, the user will be ask, if the existing file will be override

  • bug-fix database: already for objects with category „other“ you can saved the constellation

  • database: some new objects added and some existing updated

  • database: filter for the list „proper names of stars“ updated

  • simulation: 4 new diagrams which show the numbers of sun-like stars/star systems, jupiter-like and earth-like planets

  • bug-fix simulation: If you open a diagram and don't input a value (but you were ask for a value), a default value were used. Error messages don't show if no value inputs.

  • bug report: some little usabillity updates

Version 4.0.8 (Update – published on 14th Sept. 2008)

  • bug report reworked (window don't open in multiple instances, but the error discription are updated; status window while sending; checking if E-Mail address of the sender exists; and so on)

  • cancel button on the update gui added and some other little improvements

  • the installation process can also now to make a link to the Desktop

  • new object 2006 SQ372 added

Version 4.0.7 (Update – published on 09th Aug. 2008)

  • new function „bug report“ for automaticly sending of error messages from my program

  • little update of the gui from the update module

  • all modules and the main program were compressed (the java byte code)

Version 4.0.6 (Update – published on 14th Jul. 2008)

  • a little bug into the installation modulee repaired

Version 4.0.5 (Update – published on 11st Jul. 2008)

  • the import and export GUI have now a field which shows the remaining time

  • adds some error messages in the import function and updates existing error messages

  • import of .CSV or .EXO: planets with equal or more as 13 Mjup were automaticly to saved as brown dwarf and brown dwarfs with lower as 13 Mjup were saved as planets.

  • bug-fix: the import function was to reworked (fixed the names of stars and planets from CSV and EXO files now correctly)

  • bug-fix: mistake in the import function fixed, because without this, sometimes for one object many same discoverer adds

  • bug-fix: the notes for the objects were now correctly formatted and show in the database

  • bug-fix: exported XML documents are now not invalid (but now invalid XML documents can be imported, because data in older XML documents will not be lost)

  • bug-fix: Exoplanets will not be added (or imported), if there are already under a other name into the database.

  • bug-fix: The import function checks the lines into a given .csv and .exo file better, because of this many errors can reduced. For example RA and DECL will be correctly read and „unknown“ luminosity classes will be automaticly fixed (for example fixed IIIa into III).

  • bug-fix: now no error occurs while calculate the RA/DECL from hh:mm:ss into hours, if hour = 0

  • bug-fix: latin genitive and the latin shortcut of some constellations fixed

  • The overview „Discovery date of exoplanets“ shows now also the names of the planets, which for there no discovery date given.

  • New overview: types of variable stars

  • a new mask for edit and delete of discoverer adds (menu database).

  • The input mask for astronomical objects have now a search button and for editing of asteroids a button are shown, which can be calculate the orbit velocity.

  • Since this version every database update deletes old names of objects.

  • update: new discovered exoplanets and their stars added, also some other stars; then some existing datas were updated and 3 new pictures added

  • module „Life“ reworked

  • new diagram „Exoplanets per discovery method“ in module „Simulation“

  • FHD in module „Simulation“: B-V range changed to -2 till +4

  • some litte optimisations

Version 4.0.4 (Update – published on 22nd Jun. 2008)

  • new star „WOH G 64“ added, which hold the record of the greatest star

  • the catalog WOH adds into the catalog list

Version 4.0.3 (Update – published on 28th Mar. 2008)

  • Results in the formula collection and in the calculator can now to round (optional).

  • Text in the formula collection was formatted (further no horizontal scroll needs)

  • bug-fix in import function and some little optimisations

Version 4.0.2 (Update – published on 22nd Mar. 2008)

  • adds the brightest supernovas overall times

Version 4.0.1 (Update – published on 27th Feb. 2008)

This version updates 3 database entries.

Version 4.0.0 (full version – published on 25th Feb. 2008)

On 22.12.2007 a version for the beta tester were finished and after many updates the final version were published on 25.02.2008.

The complete program were programmed new in Java and the content were updated. The program part „obersation manager“ was removed and contains never in further versions. But a new program part „update function“ were added.

  • Main window:

    • meteor streams and eclipses updated

    • screen saver removed

    • automatic browser detection

    • full automatic update process implemented

  • module „life“:

    • views all possible life forms, in place of the theory of probabillity in percent

    • upgrades the criterias

    • load and save of criterias only for selected objects

  • module „formula collection“:

    • upgrade of all constants

    • new allocation of all formulas

    • new formula added

  • module „simulations“:

    • all world view removed and added a new „picture“ of our galaxy

    • simulations of planetary systems shows now the orbits around the central star

    • simulations of asteroids and moon orbits possible

    • allocations of the diagrams by the categories

    • HRD and other diagrams are new programmed and also with better usabillity

    • stars which should be shown as examples in HRD, FHD and other diagrams, can be manually selected

    • many new diagrams added, for example FHD, metallicity-mass, brightness-distance and so on

    • new statistics added, for example star type count, star cluster count and so on

    • star map with DeepSky objects (scroll and zoom able)

    • Diashow overall pictures

  • module „database“:

    • my own file format replaced by a SQL-able database

    • a repair function for the database

    • update for all astronomical objects (many mistakes fixed)

    • many new astronomical objects added, particularly double- and multiple stars, galaxies, nebulas and star clusters

    • more catalog names for the objects were added, particularly the PPM catalog

    • all stars and there known exoplanets added

    • all known moons added

    • many objects from 3C and 4C catalog don't take into the new database

    • many new characteristics added, for example metallicity, radial velocity, type of star (for example long-period variable), redshift and so on

    • new discriptions and pictures can be printed

    • zoom and scroll function for pictures

    • now it can be view only objects from a selected catalog

    • the search function works better (search into local database, search into the notes or search into the Internet)

    • search by objects for a given coordinate

    • detected the constellation for a given coordinate

    • easier to add, edit and delete of objects with a useability interface with some calculation buttons (for example to calculate the absolute brightness)

    • import and export of XML files (open document format) and CSV files

    • simple way to create a new XML schema

    • import and export by a selected category, by date or by author, with additional options

    • the filter function works better and have more options

    • records were read from the database

    • a list with proper names of stars, galaxies and nebula's can show

    • all descriptions for the lexicon came from Planetensuche 3.2.8

    • the catalog list were expand to around of 500 catalogs

    • list of objects according to their category: every object don't count by the number of their names

    • update of the help

  • module „calculator“:

    • adjustment of the shearing load of a ion engine

Version 3.2.8 (Update – published on 05th Sept. 2006)

This update abolish the registration process.

Version 3.2.7 (Update – published on 14th Jul. 2006)

This version fixed some bugs.

Version 3.2.6 (Update – published on 09th Jul. 2006)

This version fixed some bugs.

Version 3.2.5 (Update – published on 07th Apr. 2006)

This update fixed a critical bug with the date format. Additional some stars were updated.

Version 3.2.4 (Update – published on 28th Mar. 2006)

After I have changed the parent version, the features of the parent version contains in this version and also a new feature loggin system were added. The features of the parent version were new datas for the database, but also some upgrades for some parts of the program.

Version 3.2.3 (Update – not published)

This update was published on 24th Mar. 2006 and canceled on 27.03., because a copyright problem with some pictures occurs.

Version 3.2.2 (Update – published on 23th Dec. 2005)

This version updates some existing entries and deletes some double entries from the catalogs. With this update all known exoplanetens and her stars were added into the database.

Version 3.2.1 (Update – published on 22nd Oct. 2005)

This version is a patch for the parent version 3.2. These fixed some bugs and some little new features were added.

Version 3.2 (Update – published on 05th Sept. 2005)

This version updates some parts of the program and also the database entries. The database were also updated and a new feature „observation manager“ adds.

Version 3.1 (Update – published on 7th Mar. 2005)

This version updates all parts of the program.

Version 3.0c (full version / lite- version – published on 25th Sept. 2004)

This version is till this time the complexes version overall. The most parts of the software were new programmed and have updated content (for example the database wasn't expandable and all parent versions wasn't compatible to each other). While this, before I published this new version, the versions 3.0a and 3.0b were released. They were tested from beta tester.

The final version haven't a setup and uninstalling program. The reason for this is a useability. The program can self-unzipped into a chosen directory.

On 18.08.2005 I published the lite version 3.0c (~ 2,5 MB), which haven't pictures. This version is for modem user, they don't like to download the over 31 MB of the full version.

Version 2.4.2 (Update – published on Dec. 2003)

This update adds 6 new pictures.

Version 2.4.1 (Update – published on Nov. 2003)

Only some entries updated in the database and on error fixed.

Version 2.40b (full version – published on Sept. 2003)

This version should be sales for 10 € per CD. But because of different things I published later Planetensuche as freeware. In this time a CD-ROM version exists with an boot menu.

This version have many more features as the parent version, for example:

8 new formulas, next sun and moon eclipse were shown, over 450 new objects and terms in the database, 159 pictures, and so on

Version 2.3 (full version – published on December 2002)

The features was theory of probability, the Green-Bank equation, a calculator, view of the sun system and the database. The database contains all 88 constellations and 132 other objects (terms, planets, stars, moons, asteroids, galaxies and nebula's).

Version 2.2 (full version – not published)

I don't know when this version was released. But these version have the features database, calculator, simulation module and the Green-Bank equation (a formula collection don't exists in this time).

Version 2.1

Unfortunately no documentations today exists.

Version 2.0 (full version – not published)

This version 2.0 was complete new programmed anytime between August and December 2002, because I learned in this time a new object-oriented programming language (VB 6).

The version 2.0 have a graphical user interface and was the first version, which can't run under MS-DOS.

Version 1.3.1 (full version – not published)

This version was released in August 2002 and have only a database (203 entries) and the theory of probabillity. The program have overall a size of 89.3 KB (only one file) and was programmed in Quick Basic (because of this it have only a text interface).

Version 1.1 till 1.3 (full version's – not published)

Unfortunately no documentations today exists.

Version 1.0 (full version – not published)

I don't know on which day the first version of Planetensuche was released. It was anytime in June/July 2002.

Also if the first function of the program are only a database or only the theory of probability is not clear. In this time I to occupy oneself with exobiology and because of this I have the idea to wrote a program with a formula about this topic, which I have programmed with the aid of a new learned programming language.

Thank you Richard Hauswald for helping to lean my first programming language (Quick Basic).