Installation / Uninstallation

This instruction to assume, that Java is already installed on your computer or you have downloaded Planetensuche including JRE. If you don't have installed Java, please download the actually JRE + FX version 17 from here. Planetensuche needs at least a JRE 17 incl. Java FX!

1. The program mustn't be installed. Unzip the ZIP-file into a directory, where you like to run Planetensuche (for example C:\Programs\Planetensuche) from. Please make sure that the folder is not write protected. Under Linux you can type "unzip" into the console and set the access rights with "chmod -R 700" for the Planetensuche folder.

2. Run under Windows the „windows-start.bat“ to start the program and configure the main settings. Please use under Linux/Unix the „“ file and for Mac OS the "".

3. If you have make all settings successfully this program guide is shown and you can now used Planetensuche. In future you can open Planetensuche with the „windows-start.bat“ or under Linux with the „“ file.

4. Planetensuche don't modify your operating system, because of this an uninstalling is not needed! If you like to remove the program, you must only delete the folder, in which you have unzipped Planetensuche (for example C:\Programs\Planetensuche).