XML schema

The XML schema of Planetensuche is primarily for the data exchange between some Planetensuche installations. But it can be also used for saving of self-created objects. Because of the open and easy readable file format, the data can't lost, also in the case that Planetensuche don't to develop further. Also the XML file format is operating system inter pendent. Theoretically other operating systems and programs can used this file format.
If the XML schema is not sufficient for your use case, you can also expand the schema. If I think this new schema is a good idea, I can to implement this into my program.

The general body of the schema is a list of objects objektliste (object list). This element must at least one element „objekt“ (object) and it can be unlimited of this object elements. The element „objekt“ contains always only one astronomical object. But it is whatever from which object type this astronomical object is. In case the file should be to imported in Planetensuche, the object list must have a special order. For example it is absurd first to view the planet and then his star, if the planet links to his star. Because of this you can't to import the planet into Planetensuche, because a planet links to a star, which was not in the database.
After some object properties in the middle of an object element exists a main property list, which was different by all categories. The used categories are the known categories into Planetensuche. Only the constellations are not a category, because they are not an astronomical object class.
Into the element namen (names) stand a proper name or a catalog and number. This element is for every object unlimited. Also this object names used, if an other object links to this object. To avoid errors (while importing this file) the exactly proper name or catalog name from the other object into the XML file must be used.

The most properties was saved into the elements, which have a meaningfully name. For some element values also the (distance, mass, ...) unit is given. But some elements haven't this, because of this I will explain short.

Element Explaintion
sh Saved the visible brightness in mag. If the brightness for asteroids or comets given, there was also saved into this element.
ah Saved the absolute brightness in mag (for stars).
temperatur Saved the surface temperature of any objects. In case of a star the unit is Kelvin, in other case the temperature is in °C (for example by planets, moons, ...).
notiz The notes saved all other information's, for which no other elements there are. But you must to avoid XML tags into the notes.
referenz If a object around an other object or an object is into an other, into this element the name of the other object can be saved. For example a (exo-)planet gives into the tag referenz the name of his star, which to orbit them.
A star gives into the tag referenz the name of his star cluster, the name of his galaxy or the nebula, into the star is.