Planetensuche / hunting for exoplanets  

My personal hunt for exoplanets on Planet Hunters TESS

There are many possible transits in the pipeline to check, if they are false positives or not...
All marked transits are available on MAST: findings by users

Tests that must be passed successfully:
  • significant enouth in binned data
  • no wheel motion/momentum dump
  • estimated planet parameters possible (radius, orbit period)
  • centroid test
  • background flux test
  • in-out-transit flux test
  • nearby star test
  • aperture test
  • pixel plot test
  • phase folded, if there are multi-transits
  • at least 3 transits observed for a good orbit model
  • and at the end confirmed by radial velocity method

  • Abbreviations:
  • APC = Ambiguous Planet Candidate
  • AU = astronomical unit (~149.6 million km)
  • BEB = Blended Eclipsing Binary
  • BLS = Box Least Squares (analysis)
  • BTJD = Barycentric-corrected TESS Julian Date
  • CTL = Candidate Target List (highest priority targets in the TIC)
  • CTOI = Community TESS Object of Interest (possible planet, request for future observations by TESS)
  • DV = Data Vetting (report)
  • EB = eclipsing binary
  • ExoFOP = Exoplanet Follow-up Observing Program
  • FOV = Field Of View
  • KOI = Kepler Object of Interest
  • LC = light curve
  • NEB = nearby eclipsing binary
  • PC = planet candidate
  • PHT = Planet Hunters TESS
  • QLP = Quick-Look Pipeline
  • RUWE = renormalised unit weight error for astrometry (~1 = single star, >=2 = non-single; additional to astrometric excess noise significance, if >2 then binary system possible)
  • RV = radial velocity
  • SSO = solar system object, e.g. asteroid
  • TCE = A Threshold-Crossing Event (TCE) is a sequence of transit-like features in the flux time series of a given target that resembles the signature of a transiting planet to a sufficient degree that the target is passed on for further analysis.
  • TESS = Transiting Exoplanet Survey Satellite
  • TFOP = TESS Follow-up Observing Program
  • TIC = TESS Input Catalog
  • TNO = Trans Neptun Object
  • TOI = TESS Object of Interest
  • TTV = Transit Timing Variation
  • YSO = Young Stellar Object

  • useful links:
  • current TESS observations
  • LATTE (Lightcurve Analysis Tool for Transiting Exoplanet)
  • Tutorials at Planet Hunters Coffee Chat
  • youtube channel PHT
  • online Planetary Calculator for central transits
  • online Planetary Calculator for non-central transits
  • pyaneti (planetary modelling program)
  • known EB's from TESS mission
  • known EB's from Kepler mission
  • Exo-MAST
  • Transits marked by user, e.g. subject 75564212
  • Simbad search by identifier
  • NASA's confirmed exoplanet archive
  • Gaia Archive (for RUWE & astrometric_excess_noise_significance)
  • Gaia Query with VizieR (for RUWE & astrometric_excess_noise_significance)

  • my planet candidates

    Subject-Id on PHTTIC-IDstatusadditional information / report
    75578591101641905TIC 101641905.02existing PHT planet candidate (TIC 101641905.01) and now a new smaller one with 4.308 days and 2.6 Re
    75564212347332255TIC 347332255.03, TIC 347332255.04system with possible 6 planets with periods 9 to 49 days and 1.7 to 2.8 Rearth; 2 TOIs and 2 CTOIs
    73996522289718679TIC 289718679.01; next observation sector 632.9 Rearth, 91-98 days, 294 Kelvin
    7312499529106627TIC 29106627.013 dips, 9.525 day period, 2.6-2.7 Rearth, 700-728 Kelvin
    7312464967884964TIC 67884964.01147 day period (max 721.57 days), 2.6 Rearth, 0.46 AU, 263 Kelvin
    7161762049428710TIC 49428710.01 = TOI 5174.014.68 Rearth and 12.219 day period / 0.098 AU; report
    71602238443616612TIC 443616612.01; modelling complete; waiting on Munich group for better Limb-Darkening coefficient1 transit in sector 45, planet around M-star; 2 known planets in the system; best estimation: 10.8 Rearth, 989 day period, 1.6 AU; report
    7161851527064468TIC 27064468.01 = TOI 5126.01 and TOI 5126.02 single transit; waiting for next sector4 dips in sector 45; planet with 5.4615292 day period and 4.62 Rearth
    71388899337385330TIC 337385330.01 = TOI 5112.01; need to run a periodogram, to remove pulsations of the background starmessy LC in sector 44, dips more clear in sector 45; single transit in sector 44 and 2 dips in 45, 0.16 jupiterRad 1.80 earthRad, 15.5340754 days period, 0.1026 AU, planet around a red dwarf in a possible hycean habitable zone; report
    7139942291287873TIC 91287873.01 = TOI 5554.01; waiting for next sectorsingle transit in sector 44 and possible in 45, 2.8 Rearth, 26.693 day period; report
    7140111259490344TIC 59490344.01; waiting for next sectorsingle transit day 9 sector 44 / T2509.8, 3.3 Rearth, 113 - 40 + 110 day period; report
    71604312393546540TOI 5696.01 & .0201: 32.4273 day period / 0.2 AU, 0.24 Rjup / 2.73 Rearth; 02: 3.3 Rearth, 6 hrs transit duration; report
    7161595495337971TOI 5139.014 V-shaped transits in sector 45, 5.95 day period, 4.4 Earth radii; report
    7160705695361530TOI 5147.01V-shaped, 3.92 day period, 7.85 Rearth, sector 45, report
    72355303130718055TIC 130718055.01; waiting on Nora to talk with an expert about the strange shapemaybe a disintegrating planet; 4.8 Rearth, 207.65 day period possible
    7235985935021200TIC 35021200.01; Nora will check RV data from K2 missionmessy LC in sector 46, third planet with ~600 day period and 3.2 Rearth, K2-158b & c visible
    601272765364106TIC 5364106.02additional single transit, existing PHT PC, multi-planet system
    73109214415732733TIC 415732733.01possible jupiter size planet in double star system
    73111475335952150TIC 335952150.01 = TOI 5732.01transits are maybe from EB; discovered by PHT but uploaded by others
    80948082466930780TIC 466930780.012.9 Rearth, long transit

    more transits found for existing PHT candidates

    Subject-Id on PHTTIC-IDsectoradditional information / report
    7920909232893339853second transit for TOI 1873.02
    7160308943701160845TOI 5082.01
    7024652843687372744,45TOI 4641.01, TIC 436873727.01, 22d period, 0.89 Rjup, report
    7138586241539971344TIC 415399713.01
    7311532923590173347TIC 235901733.01

    possible proto planets discovered

    Subject-Id on PHTTIC-IDstatusadditional information / report
    714028216553831disk detective project informed hereprotoplanets around YSO candidate; 2 single transits in sector 44, T2520.84: 0.04 flux depth, 5.04 hrs transit duration = 95.066 day period & 0.919 Rjup & 0.317 AU; T2523.52: 0.04 flux depth, 7.2 hrs transit duration = 277.161 day period & 0.647 AU; report
    7139861875074445disk detective project informed heretransit day 1.1, transit day 15.9 ?
    686243818267970high background contamination, phase folded LC did not match, but clear transits every 2 dayssector 40 is contaminated, waiting for sector 53, report1 and report2

    my possible planet candidates

    Subject-Id on PHTTIC-IDtest commentsadditional information / report
    8188640551835566in-out transit concernssingle transit, others are maybe contamination or stellar variability
    81869568373809984todomultiple dips but high variability, unclear
    80455021104902715looks ok4 dips period 3.27 days
    80440000424871513looks okone fine dip sector 54
    80450079228792734looks ok but stray lightsingle transit sector 54 or contamination, waiting for next observation
    80449044230385952looks okplanet or stellar transits? big star. masse think it's just stellar variability
    80444861285115719looks ok1 possible transit
    8045727527371638todo1 possible transit
    80451110202505968ok but maybe effected by stray light or it is stray lightv-shaped short dip; next observation in sector 57
    80449000232603560messy LC, LATTE report unclearadditional planet? possible stray light
    71611499239198720failed in-out-transit fluxsingle dip sector 45, possible EB, nothing in sector 46
    739908491551244833faint star; dip from stray light?maybe dip day 1 in sector 48
    79182109441807753ok2 transits
    79183401400239936okdip on big and bright star, pyaneti model failed, maybe sun spot, put it on hold until second dip is discovered
    7400909039077574ok1 known candidate and the second is only in TCE report but not on exofop; i found both
    76470053305837711tododiscussion already ongoing, possible 1.1 Rjup planet around 5 Rsun star
    79189903265274458okdip in multi-stellar system that is not explainable
    78311867356821497oksingle transit
    7235687095343371tests maybe oksingle shallow transit, possible more transits, but LC is to noisy in sector 46, waiting for next observation; report

    already known planets/brown dwarfs (and candidates)

    Subject-Id on PHTTIC-IDadditional information
    71396883113921235canidate 210775710.01, single transit in sector 44, T2518.4, nothing in sector 42 & 43, 14.561 day period from transit duration but it not happen again in previous sectors, 1.1 Rjup; report
    69536664176220787WASP-136 b, no additional transits found, report
    60857577180991313brown dwarf WASP-128 b, report
    608549713228076750.85 Rjup, TOI 2398.01, but already claimed by Marco Montalto
    65545601394561119TOI 1107.01 but claimed already by Michael Lund
    68610842158324245TOI 1161.01 known planet KOI-13 b
    68611808271354351KOI-217 b, 3.9d period
    68616881219879302TOI 1884.01 planet candidate, but already claimed by Ethan Kruse
    68619085198186769TOI 1291.01 but claimed already by Michael Lund
    68623354116242971KELT-12 b
    6862382848451130Kepler-486 b
    69180698424865156HAT-P-7 b / Kepler-2 b
    69187778272707711TOI 4484.01 planet candidate already claimed by Michael Lund
    69189962237116860TIC 237116860.01, 0.9 day period planet candidate but claimed by Ehtan Kruse and was found in previous sector
    69190399272270998planet candidate TIC 272270998.01 claimed by Robert Wilson
    69190791233953967planet candidate TOI 1350.01 already claimed by Michael Lund
    69198220229740848planet candidate TIC 229740848.01 already claimed by Ethan Kruse
    69198954153937417exoplanet candidate TOI 4447.01 already claimed by Greg Olmschenk
    7025858186396382known planet WASP-12 b
    70248784411839167known planet EPIC 246851721 b with ~6 day period
    7025805468573534planet candidate TOI 4597.01 already claimed by Michael Lund
    70248247427740976planet candidate TOI 4608.01 already claied by Michael Lund
    70254110284326455Known exoplanet HAT-P-54 b, report
    70248053248387177TOI 2425.01 claimed by Jana Steuer
    70253297312122956planet candidate TOI 1661.01 already claimed by Michael Lund, 2 day period
    69192824235905185planet candidate TOI 1829.01 already claimed by Michael Lund, 6.3 days period
    71381737407966340planet candidate TOI 554.01
    71387752367366318KELT-7 b, 2.7 day period, 1.533 Rjup
    71391903239154970HAT-P-33 b
    71392170203214081G 9-40 b
    71392177203252180planet candidate EPIC 212114260.01
    71392391186812530confirmed brown dwarf TOI-503 b
    71395822138497780planet candidate TOI 3808.01
    7139654197735908KELT-2 b
    7139860168388114planet candidate TOI 3776.01
    7139957256399553K2-29 b
    7140067118310799K2-136 b (smaller dip) and K2-136 c (deeper dip)

    714015006242388planet candidate TIC 6242388.01
    71598978437054764planet candidate EPIC 211509553.01
    71602668437856897planet candidate TOI 4603.01
    71605484377064495TOI-561 f, TOI-561 e and TOI-561 c

    71607919330687113K2-334 b
    71611545178217113K2-34 b
    71611563239816546planet candidate TOI 2570.01
    71611785238586172planet candidate TOI 4619.01 and K2 candidate EPIC 208833261.01
    71612068239134248planet candidate TOI 3812.01
    7161287219028197GJ 3470 b
    71613096173103335K2-3 b
    71613239138497780planet candidate TOI 3808.01
    716141803027681planet candidate TOI 3723.01
    7161549295660472planet candidate TOI 3819.01
    7161576295234976planet candidate TOI 3820.01
    7161593292013169planet candidate TOI 882.01
    7161646884599716planet candidate TOI 4615.01
    7161758468388114planet candidate TOI 3776.01
    7161850726826078HAT-P-20 b
    7161925814770122HAT-P-39 b
    716194966893917KELT-17 b
    716196177059054K2-121 b
    716200973364732planet candidate TOI 3771.01 but could be EB
    72349446330690135known planet K2-333 b with strange shaped transit
    8045570375262942known planet Wendelstein-1 b

    false positive list

    TCE report shows 2 stars
    Subject-Id on PHTTIC-IDtest that did not passadditional information
    80440681404203802all looks good, but planet is big1.2 Rjup at least, 10 day period or less - sector 40 identified as EB!
    6084770953361605background flux 5 transits, ~5d period, possible eclipsing binary

    695183112052960459in-out transit fluxsingle transit, the star is a white dwarf, systematic-effect
    60934370167208380V-shaped transiteclipsing binary
    60852594264931386centroid methodsystematic effect
    60846406191401931wheel momentum dumpsT2274.2/day 19.22 is false positive, possible asteroid on T2266.5, report here
    60858795279957416so significant dip / star noise-
    60854604272429505wheel momentum dumps-
    60865997361482342no significant dip / star noise-
    60860992167723383in-out-transit fluxmaybe an eclipsing-binary, report here
    60845934220408233in-out-transit flux, aperture testsomething is wrong

    60934414185240401no significant dip shown in binned data-
    60846101355629274centroid test
    60933999306928502in-out-transit fluxreport here
    60934465306830299not significant in binned data-
    6093481647427965background flux or systematic effect-
    6278620973090804not significant in binned data-
    60933551143057736background flux, wheel motion dumps
    64591031143127398systematic error
    64615293383704693background flux, nearby star test, it's an SSO/asteroid
    6461668723134560not significant in binned data
    64619832370585197not significant in binned data
    65538045306894507background flux test, eclipsing binary
    6553831917524877star variability, too big for a planet
    65538547323837008background flux, star variability
    65539265256218188systematic effect
    65541527118726975too big for a planetgigant star
    65542725263585051not significant in binned data / part of the stellar variability
    65546402294668207not significant in binned data / part of the stellar variability
    6554779041338480background flux at day 7stellar variability, hard to find transits
    65552120189379939looks not significant in binned data
    68620943122224804eclipsing binary
    69535863248055451background fluxSSO
    69531419272102428eclipsing binary
    69528470303368830backgroud flux, nearby starsSSO see report
    69183944284990199centroid offset in centred on another starcontamination
    686030031715969532no significant dips in binned dataSSO at 9 day, perharps too at 22 day
    69184920224290280failed background flux / in-out-transit testsplanet candidate 0.93 days period but it's an eclipsing binary, own report here, TCE report
    69527971328068200known eclipsing binary
    69528115313861906background flux test
    68620048159143534eclipsing binary
    68620341155639758background flux test failed, phase folded LC looks badplanet with unclear period because some dips maybe stellar variability, maybe 0.75 Rjup, report here
    6554664616660286background flux roller coasterhigh stellar varibility
    65552352296418844background fluxcontamination by a nearby star
    65556611405711292background flux test
    65556660425795784background flux
    65557446278199349too big for a planetTOI 922.01: eclipsing binary
    65558617462078476too big for a planetSSO
    68601749420110967background fluxhigh stellar variability
    68602263342019292background fluxhigh stellar variability
    68602486298896144wheel motion dump
    68604307705298865background fluxcontamination by a nearby star
    68604336462741192wheel motion dump on first "transit", second "transit" not significant in binned data
    68604732459212036background fluxconfirmed rr-lyrae
    68605251441718542not significant in binned data
    68606163402898317not significant in binned data
    68606786396737942background fluxhigh stellar variability
    68606970383623314background fluxhigh stellar variability
    68607567372734827too big for a planethigh stellar variability
    68607603371706494eclipsing binary
    68611712147564266background fluxmaybe SSO or red dwarf double star
    68613073258777137eclipsing binaryTOI 1183.01: false positive (EB)
    68621094121277143known false positive KOI 3853.01possible eclipsing binary
    68621474154719289background flux
    68621524123201405background flux
    68621582112857453Centroid offset (TicOffset-rm: 25.442 arcseconds) centered on another starcontaminated by nearby EB
    6862192984977760not significant in binned data and background flux
    6862299570945920wheel motion dump
    68623427116019143background flux
    6862434442069294wheel motion dump
    691758911717079066known double star, Kepler-13 B, contaminated by Kepler-13 A
    69176574351802908background fluxhigh stellar variability
    691768041716562915background fluxhigh stellar variability
    691779631884546500pixel plot (nearby EB)contamination by a nearby star, possible EB, report

    69178639265886274background flux
    69179843237184192background fluxhigh stellar variability
    69184312341706942in-out-transit flux and planet size/mass/orbit did not make senseV-shaped spikes from a possible EB, show shifted pixel in in-out-transit flux test
    69184355389969561stellar variability
    69184398376926030transit duration too short for a planet
    69184941224290280aperture test, in-out-transit flux, pixel-plotpossible EB, TCE report show 0.93d period transits
    69185678219750901too big for a planethigh stellar variability
    69186595287180169planet parameters make no sensebig star, part of stellar variability
    69187013320525204EBplanet candidate TOI 1140.01 claimed by Michael Lund but rejected
    69187373198365901too big for a planetbig star, high stellar variability
    69176623336267424planet candidate with 1.48d period claimed by Michael Lund but rejected as possible EB
    69188360289539327known candidate TOI 1186.01 claimed by Michael Lund but rejected as false positiveif this is a planet then it has 2 Rjup / 20 Rearth!
    69189585258826816in-out-transit flux, pixel plotalso TCE report show a EB
    69190870233738474aperature test, pixel plotstar is not in center, LC contaminated or it's an EB
    69191494259237123in-out-transit fluxcontamination by something in the background
    69191943232681225not significant in binned datahigh stellar variability
    69193505229476285known EB from previous sector
    69193896224293813too big for a planetEB
    69199965188743010spike in background fluxhigh stellar variability
    69517528422115127not significant in binned data
    69517792405483203in-out-transit-fluxpossible planet with 5.8d period is maybe an EB, transits V-shaped
    69518190365334603spike in background flux test
    69520224435339558background flux testpossible SSO
    69520486301173669in-out-transit-fluxpossible SSO
    69521665293158174not significant in binned data
    69522228416673535in-out-transit-fluxpossible EB or contamination by nearby star
    69522556415701467spike in background flux
    69522558415369912part of stellar variability
    69523035258806323not significant in binned data
    69524290398940200too big for a planet
    69524584398585646background fluxpossible SSO
    69525069381454714too big for a planet
    69525483381128414not significant in binned data
    69526492365332328pixel plot, in-out-transit fluxmaybe SSO or EB
    69526702125755011contamination by nearby EB
    69527624336674321background flux
    69528335310760154part of stellar variability
    69528534302189927background flux test
    6952887549529466background flux test
    69530446269530673in-out-transit flux, pixel mapcontamination by a nearby star
    69531018272005345too big for a planet
    69534678241157686aperture testpart of stellar variability
    6953816852054736too big for a planetbig star with high stellar variability
    6953852947094931centroid testalways near centroid changes/problems
    6953933022901115too big for a planet
    695396858963251too big for a planet
    695397413836749not significant in binned data
    70248710369476781background flux test
    70255000257816591aperture teststar is not in center, possible contamination by nearby star
    70257775119251275background flux and not significant in binned data
    70256984125843782EB with 1.8 day period
    7025903283384234aperture test, in-out-transit-fluxpossible EB 4.3 day period or contamination, report and TCE report
    70248713244170915background flux
    70243848620126376background flux
    70244891722458222SSO with animation
    70248476415339402looks unclear in binning data
    70249469349581861in-out-transit-fluxpossible EB
    70254084293478800in-out-transit fluxtransit day 22.5 in sector 43 is maybe EB
    70254139 293375289background flux
    7025420545292543too big for a planet
    7025430726081949background flux
    70255451212956638background flux
    70255632247396516in-out-transit-fluxtransit day 18.5 in sector 43 is a possible EB, very large transit time
    70256982126984335background fluxSSO
    7026100447120498background fluxpossible SSO
    702621803894266background flux
    70242378440682035background fluxsector 43 is contaminated, no dips in sector 42
    70242820630484365no significant dips in binned data
    70243481434234955known as TOI 944.01, EB
    70243626384881668planet parameters not possible
    70243780 426988533background flux
    70243867377038836background fluxpossible TNO
    70243898376934602centroid test
    70243903611125990not significant in binned data
    70244332408195428in-out-transit-fluxtransit day 21.9 sector 43?, is part of the EB, report
    70245150674139320centroid, star is not in focus
    70245772620142435background fluxSSO
    70246465438212183centroid offsetcontamination by nearby EB, period <8 days
    70245781468891346background fluxSSO or EB
    70246012408776994centroid test
    70246416440681442not significant in binned data
    70246845437895487not significant in binned data
    70247180268287778background flux
    70247269262846034possible 16d period transit from sector 43 not seen in sectors 30 and 42, so it's a false positive
    70249012405374965planet parameters make no sensemaybe EB
    70250259126996675background fluxSSO
    70250920337046016background/in-out-transit fluxSSO
    70250980333566723background flux
    70251374376904847aperture testSSO
    7025303761138899in-out-transit-fluxEB or SSO
    7025419445802921V-shaped, high stellar variabilitymaybe >8d EB
    70255111248952314in-out-transit fluxpossible EB, report
    70258363113805968background fluxSSO
    7025913874387314in-out-transit-fluxpossible SSO
    702621536372784centroid testpossible EB
    7025911282928545background flux, in-out-transit-flux ok, but no dip in raw data - it's an artifact/processing errortransit day 18.7 sector 43?, V-shaped but clear dip, waiting until sector 44, report
    60852984430663414background flux, in-out-transit fluxtransit duration did not match transit period, it's an EB, report here
    60932478142146051tests ok but planet duration time did not match transit periodpossible a part of stellar variability, report here
    65540897402675246failed on in-out-transit-flux, contaminated sectorv-shaped transits, more likley an NEB (shown in centroid offset), seen in sector 38 and 39, period 1.085d from TCE report (1.92 hrs transit duration = 0.949d period my measurement), 0.006 flux depth, 0.8 Rjup, report here
    70250425387870371planet parameters not possibletransit day 10.2 sector 43? very big star
    69190700236889115planet parameters impossiblesingle transit, possible big jupiter or brown dwarf, maybe day 6 is caused by momentum dump and the other are stellar variability, report1 and report2
    68620572137218389failed in-out-transit flux, pixel plotpossible planet seen in sector 40, not in sector 14, T2399.96, 0.0005 flux depth, 8.4hrs duration = 29.9d period, 0.345 Rjup, rotation variable star with 1.535 day period, report here, it's more possible an EB
    70256039119180868background & in-out-transit flux oktransit day 14.0 sector 43? 4.08h transit duration, 0.0012 flux depth, 15.925 day period, 0.294 Rjup, but not seen again in sector 44, report
    7025936458175278not significant in binned data, not seen in sector 44report, transit duration did not match period, planet must be big ~1.75 Rjup, possible closely EB of 2 red dwarfs or red dwarf and brown dwarf,
    additional transit time 2482.6 with 2.16h duration and 0.045 flux depth (1.2 Rjup/13.1 Rearth)
    71395887138687747centroid test failed at 2511, BLS make no sensesingle transit T2511.06? BLS found P4.97 starting at T2500.871 and P1.29 starting at 2501.271
    60859826259701242-candidate TOI 401.01 retired as false positive -> EB
    70254699262809788weehl motion dump at the end and strange shape, possible centroid problemtransit is possible a stellar transit or momentum dump artefact; transit day 18.5 in sector 43 (T2492.68)? 0.0006 flux depth, 14.4hrs duration, 268.094 days period, 0.303 Rjup, report; also dip in sector 30 (T2122.36) but both did not match, 0.0002 flux depth, 5.04 hrs duration, 11.526 days period, 0.175 Rjup, is part of stellar variability
    716139034375457-same dips in previous sectors but period did not match transit duration
    70246064306216985background and in-out-transit flux okmore likely stellar variability or sun spot; report, transit day 18.5 sector 43? 0.0004 transit depth, ~12h transit time = 116d period, 0.277 Rjup, nothing in sector 17 and 42
    7026134427136666nearby star test, it's maybe an SSO contamination and artefact of the PDC processing (no sign of the dip in the SAP flux)transit day 18.4 sector 43?, T2492.54, 4.32hrs duration, 0.002 flux depth, 28.117 days period, 0.324 Rjup, waiting on next sector, report
    71387165386840832SAP LC show no dip, PDC processing artefactsingle transit T2521.58: 7.2 hrs transit duration, 0.0007 flux depth, 56.4 day period, 0.268 Rjup, but high stellar variability, waiting on sector 45
    70254022293768007looks like a dip but caused by background flux changetransit day 7.6 sector 43, T2481.77? 8.88h transit duration, 0.007 flux transit depth, 20.65d period, 1.58 Rjup, report; waiting on next sector
    69531745269848053not a real dip, caused by sso before and background flux aftertransit T2453.14 sector 42 after SSO? 0.0007 flux depth, 13.680hrs duration/1371.433 days period, 0.161 Rjup, report
    70245249395323403failed on in-out-transit flux, SSOtransit day 7.3 sector 43? possible hot subdwarf (blue dwarfs), very faint,
    70245210630335896dip not on targettransit day 18.3 in sector 43? T2492.25, 0.4 flux depth, 1.92hrs duration, maybe contamination, report
    70249572172219408failed in-out-transit flux, EBtransit day 7.3, transit day 5.9 sector 43? not seen in sector 20 and 44, LATTE report
    70257058212949987dip not on target, EBsingle transit day 7.1 in sector 43 (T2481.28), nothing in 42, 0.0013 flux depth, 6.96hrs duration, 2.1 Rjup, possible EB or brown dwarf, report
    70244902720667477background EBfaint star, maybe contamination by nearby star, report and TCE report
    70242984408809951EB, in-out-transit show moved pixel at T2497.13transit day 23.3 in sector 43 (T2497.13, maybe T2471.22 sector 42), 0.0012 flux depth, 4.8 hrs duration/26.082 days period, 0.294 Rjup, waiting on next sector, report
    70253286319758429failed in-out-transit flux, EBtransit day 18.4 sector 43 / T2493.04 ?, EB with single additional dip, not seen again in sector 44 and star radius is unknown, report
    695395064497658contamination by EBtransit day 22.3 near data gap ?, only one observation in sector 42
    6953443739945266dip caused by background fluxtransit day 22.9 near data gap ?, only one observation in sector 42
    695317209760687EBfirst dip is possible EB, second dip possible planet candidate in sector 42, 8.16hrs transit time/19.581 days period, 0.001 transit depth, 0.554 Rjup, nothing in sector 2 and 29, report
    70245261397350897T Tau-type Star with irregular dips, not transitstransit day 1.6 sector 43?, report, seen again in sector 44 but phase folded LC did not match, maybe part of stellar variability?
    70245036630439485aperture test/SAP flux did not show a dipWhite Dwarf Candidate; transit day 0.6 in sector 43 (T2474.76)? nothing seen in sector 42, report
    69528247311055966EB, but in-out transit flux show shifted pixeltransit period 15.7d, 2.535 Rjup, maybe a brown dwarf, report here, only one observation in sector 42
    7161328914566446dip not in SAP flux, processing artefact1 transit in sector 45, earth-like planet around k-star, ~67 day period; report
    71606872350043412V-shaped transits in sector 45, failed on in-out-transit flux test It was rejected on the grounds that the deep v-shaped dip and high Impact Factor (b) mean this is probably a grazing eclipsing binary.
    7161582183377800tests ok but high contamination and possible EB3 transits in each sector 43 & 45, 5.75 day period, star size unknown; report
    71603809171600318in-out-transit with shifted pixel1 transit in sector 45, dip sector 46 with same problem; possible EB; report
    7235991532481343all tests okpossible stellar variability, ~2.4 hrs transit duration, 0.0007 flux depth; report
    72349103344840731high background contamination, single transitprocessing error, not a real dip
    72349440330689684tests oksingle transit but also occur on nearby stars at the same time, possible artifact / processing error; report
    7235869162896437stellar pulsation0.67 day periodic dips but maybe stellar pulsation?; report
    73115098236815262EBsingle dip, unknown star radius
    74001941219774920arficat or processing error, dip is not visible in SAP flux1 dip, ruwe indicates a second star
    75564387335793417possible stellar variabilitysingle transit, 3.6 hrs
    75578303119584412fail in-out-transit-flux, double star2 transits in sector 49; wrong period on exofop; candidate is a possible EB
    75564985316258108transit not visible in SAP fluxtransit or stellar variability?
    7557961877171548okmaybe stray light
    75569179232602607okstrange shape; could be straylight
    75566698259274960PDC artifactdip not match planet candidate transit duration
    75566925258351169PDC artifactdip before wheel momentum dump
    70257127150986109false positive, ssoday 18 tests ok but is already claimed, transit day 20.2 is SSO. but transit d18 sector 43 is a possible planet, planet candidate TIC 150986109.01 claimed by Guoyou Sun, 7.44h transit duration, 0.0033 flux depth, report
    70254996257395093false positive, EBplanet candidate EPIC 220204960.01 & .02, 13.3 day period but additional transits, report, possible binary, trinary or a blend of two EB transits with period 7.2864, because multi-planetary-system is more unlikely/impossible with planet periods of 13.271 and 14.419 days
    69183739230023734false positive, EBTIC 230023734.01 planet candidate 10d period, seen at least in sector 26, 40, 41, transits in sector 40 most clearly recognizable, report
    75576255144383510okdips always on minimum brightness, possible sun spot
    7648135667993725strange pixel plotpossible straylight
    76471296272786845okdip on 2.5 Rsun star, possible stellar variability
    78312921334651938possible background eventsingle transit, long transit duration
    78309747421729032possible stray-lightsingle transit, maybe sun spot
    78320756199506479stray lightsingle transit
    79181140609194817aperture test unclear, no dip in PDCsingle transit?
    8045533390585845looks perfectEB, primary in sector 55 visible, secondary in sector 54
    80962187184248289off target2 dips sector 55, 16.7 day period planet
    81884498419814350ok3 transits or something other? => possible stellar variability

    transits missed

    Subject-Id on PHTTIC-IDadditional information
    60860143300037819planet candidate from sector 8, not seen in sector 36
    -34068865confirmed exoplanet GJ 367 b, 0.32d period, 0.7 Rearth, extrem small dips


    Subject-Id on PHTTIC-IDadditional information


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